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Oasis Trade Post


tract on a girl who is pregnant before marriage, tracts on horses with a Christian message

----------------------------------------------------------------- -
The Open Church Foundation
Box 81389
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481-0004
tracts in Spanish and English

Operation Mobilization
Distribution Department
Postfach 25,
A-2104 Spillern
Telephone:  (43) 2266 80867
Facsimilies:  (43) 2266 808671

 Literature For Russia      (Keys are shown down below the list)

   Being a Christian/Home    Last Days Ministries
   Binding the Brokenhearted    Last Days Ministries
   Following Jesus Christ    George Foster
   Great Rock of Islam    Last Days Ministries
   Hurt and Bitterness    Last Days Ministries
   Jealousy, Our Hidden Sin    Last Days Ministries
   Knowing God's Will    Last Days Ministries
   Living God    Homer Duncan
   Meditation    Last Days Ministries
   Modesty    Last Days Ministries
   OM Life Tract    McAllistar/Lee
   Pharisees, Sadducees, Or Jesus    Last Days Ministries
   Pilgrim's Progress (comic)    Bunyan
   Power That Will Change Your Life    George Foster
   Questions About Abortion    Last Days Ministries
   Restoration/Forgiveness    Last Days Ministries
   The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error I    Keith Brooks
   The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error II    Keith Brooks
  Training Your Child for Christ    Last Days Ministries
   Walking in Darkness    Last Days Ministries

Operation Somebody Cares
a ministry of Mountain View Baptist Church
Pastor Charles Harrison
1131 Brentwood Drive
Collinsville, Virginia 24078 USA
Tel: 276-647-5328

I have just obtained a tract on Russian Orthodoxy and Eastern
Orthodoxy from ORTHODOX LIGHT. It also has application to those from a
Catholic background. It is now being translated into Russian. The
subjects covered in this two page tract are in a question-answer format.
If you would like a free email copy (in English for the present), email:
Osterhus Publishing House
4500 W. Broadway
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422
Pacific Garden Mission
646 South State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60605
Ph.# 312-922-1462
testimony booklets of people who were unshackled
Pacific Printing Press
1899 No. Helm Ave.
Fresno, California 93727
"El Camino a la Vida"
excellent Spanish tract
Peoples Baptist Church
PO Box 1177
Corpus Christi, Texas 78403
"Like hey man, I'm only 17"
"Are you addicted to tv"
Personal Christianity
Box 549
Baldwin Park, California 91706
"Warning-Religion can be Dangerous" in English and Spanish
"Born once-die twice, born twice-die once"
other titles available

Piedmont Christian Ministries

P.O.Box 118

Piedmont, Ohio 43983

Dennis Regling

Piedmont Christian Ministries publishes a free newsletter and tracts on creation science and the Bible.


P.O. Box 1832, Elkton, MD 21922.
Richard Ciarrocca. Tracts and pamphlets in English and other languages.


Pilgrim Tract Society

Box 126

Randleman NC 27317


The Pocket Testament League   
PO Box 800
Lititz, PA  17543
(FREE Gospel of John booklets)


Preach the World Ministries
PO Box 242
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53052-0242

Preach the World Ministries has a tract called
High Alert:  Security Risk
by Mark Gilmore
The tragedy does present an opportunity to give the message of the gospel, and the Lord has enabled the tract to be prepared promptly.  Already we have seen a good response.  Neighborhoods that are normally somewhat closed have been noticeably open to the reception of this tract. We will imprint church information on the back with a time setup charge of 100, but it will require a minimum order of 10,000.
$9.50 for 100 tracts

1. High Alert: Security Risk 
2. A Gift For You
3. No Time to Get Ready
4. The Best Investment
5. The Unchanging Rock
6. The Data Explosion
7. With Healing in His Wings
8. More Than a Tip
9. Confrontation With Truth
10. Learning to L ive With God
11. Betrayed?!


Prison Ministry Tracts

Tracts for prisoners and prison ministries in English. Members of International Network of Prison Ministries.

On this web page
you may find the links below to ministries that provide tracts for prisoners.

I was in prison and you visited me...

All In Faith Ministries
Alva E. Wyatt Ministries/Assembly of God
Captive Audience Prison & Healing Foundation
Coalition of Prison Evangelists (COPE)
Canadian Brunch of South African Prison Mission
Eternal Sacred Cherubim & Seraphim
From Bondage To Freedom Ministry
Gene Neill World Wide Prison Ministry
Heaven's Saints Motorcycle ministry
International Prison Ministry
Jail Ministry, Diocese of Albany
Joel 2:15, Inc.
Jesus Christ Prison Ministry
Liberty Prison Ministries
Lighthouse Prisoner Fellowship Ministries
"Murf the Surf", Jack Roland Muphy
Mid-America Prison Ministries
Montana Jail & Prison Ministry
MacGregor Ministries
New Covenant Ministries
Point Man International Ministries
Prison Letter Ministry
Trinity Baptist Church/ Baptist Prison Ministry
TTracs: Spreading the Word
Wood Hath Hope Prison Ministry, Inc.


Proclaiming the Gospel
PO Box 940871
Plano, Texas 75094
"Are You Being Deceived"
English and Spanish
Spanish tract for roman catholics
CATOLICISMO ROMANO tract & EL EVANGELIO tract ("The Gospel")
This site was designed to lead Roman Catholics to saving faith in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. We also offer valuable information for those desiring to reach family and friends who have been blinded from the truth of the Gospel by Catholic Traditions.


Project Harvest
20 Perrin Street
Greenville, SC 29607
"El Hecho Mas Grande De Todos Los Tiempos"
In Spanish and probably in English
an excellent and long tract to use when witnessing
it is a good tract to share the gospel with - to read to the person you are witnessing to

Crociata Dell'Evangelo in Italia
Casella Postale 314
00125 Roma

PRONTO is a free quarterly paper in Italian, similar to SOON, for Italian

Publicaciones Visión de Gracia
PO Box 1077
Miami Springs, Florida 33266-1077

Spanish Tracts
"Buenas Noticias" and " El Amor de Dios"


Radio Bible Class
P.O. Box 2222
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49555
World Cup in France outreach tracts/videos
"Let me ask you"
Spanish and English

Ray Comfort Living Waters Publications
P.O. Box 1172
Bellflower, CA 90706

To order any of our books, tracts, tapes or videos call 1(800) 437-1893, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST Ray Comfort is the writer of a book called Hell's Best Kept Secret, which stresses the use of talking about the law or commandments in witnessing and in tracts. His tracts are written using the law or commandments in order to convict people of sin.  The law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ. Galatians 3:24 Please order his sample pack. He is very creative. He has his own version of Campus Crusade for Christ's Four Spiritual Laws  - it talks about the law and commandments. He even has real pressed copper pennies with the 10 commandments stamped on them. Excellent for starting a conversation. You can hear his book online at his website. The name of his tract publishing company is Living Waters Publications. Ray Comfort sometimes appears on Christian television talking about evangelism or witnessing on the streets. Please see his website. It is excellent.

Below are the titles of his tracts:

Note: THESE QUANTITIES ARE MINIMUM ORDERS. Most of our tracts come from our printers shrink-wrapped in packs of 100.Sorry, but we cannot guarantee there is exactly 100 in each pack.

200. Tract sample pack ($3.50) Contains one of each of our tracts for you to browse over.

201. Starter Kit # 1 ($28) One hundred each of four of our most popular tracts.

We also have Starter Kit # 2 ($60). Ten of our tracts (Includes three free books). ¥100 The Wallet ¥100 Curved Illusion cards ¥100 Intelligence Test Bookmarks ¥100 Pressed Pennies ¥100 Are You Good Enough to go to Heaven? ¥100 Four Simple Laws ¥100 The Atheist Test ¥100 IQ Cards (Six F's) ¥100 IQ Cards (Paris in the Spring) ¥100 Titanic Cards

**Super Special** ($220) One hundred of 44 tract titles--that's 4,400 tracts for $220 (plus S/H). Normal price - $276 (approx). When you order the Super Special, we will give you five of our books FREE.

202.Natural Enquiry News (100 for $4) Looks like National Inquirer. All the stories are taken directly from the Bible.

203.God Loves You (100 for $5) Tells the truth about the Christian life, using Paul's life as an example.

204-210.IQ Cards - (Each title-100 for $3. See #211).

211. All Seven IQ Cards (Special price-$18).

212.Good News/Bad News (100 for $2) Straight from the hip; short and to the point.

213.Visual Image Tract (100 for $4) Follow the instructions and see what happens (also available in Spanish see #240).

214.Princess Diana Tract (100 for $5) This colorful tract gently moves from this popular princess to the fact of our own mortality.

215.Celebrity Intelligence Test (100 for $5) What do these popular stars have in common? ... They are all dead. The empty box reminds the reader of his/her mortality.

216.Mad As Hell (100 for $5) Good for teenagers (it doesn't look "religious"). Starts with racism, then moves into the subject of God's hate for sin.

217.Abortion Tract (100 for $4) Looks like a tabloid headline. Use discretion as you give this out (because of its graphic nature).

218.To Whom Will You Turn (100 for $1) A poem using the Ten Commandments.

219.The Round Tuit (100 for $4) We have been meaning to do this one for years, but we never got a round tuit.

220.The Face of Reality (100 for $4) A tract for Islam. It is written with sensitivity, yet contains the whole counsel of God. It is not an exposition of Islam, but a promotion of the Gospel of Salvation. The "skull" is actually a woman looking into a mirror.

221.Bond Certificate Tract (100 for $4) A covenant between the Creator and the human race.

222.Curved Illusion (100 for $8) ***** Top Five! ***** You won't believe your eyes! One of the tracts in the Starter Kit #2. You may download the .AVI and watch it for yourself (700K)

223. Hijacked Tract (50 for $8) 32 pages. Pocket-sized comic book. Gripping story line.

224.Million Dollar Tract (100 for $3) Offers one million dollars for an eye. Shows the value of a soul.

225.Something to Think About (100 for $10) 24 page booklet, 2 1/2" x 2". People love it. Tell them it has your picture on the front.

226.Earthquakes (100 for $5) If you shake with fear when you give these out, it will add to the reality.

227.The International Tract (50 for $5) Transcends the language barrier. Genesis to the Cross in pictures. John 3:16 in 26 languages. Now in black & white.

228.The Wallet (100 for $10) ***** Top Five! ***** One of the tracts in the Starter Kit #2. This one can be left lying around and is guaranteed to be picked up.

229.Shark Tract (100 for $4) This is very easy to give away. Just say, "Did you see this! It's a shark biting a surfboard." Most people go, "Wow!" Then say to them, "You can keep it," and they say, "Thanks!"

230.Hey Kids (100 for $10) This is a wonderful children's tract. For years we were asked to produce a children's tract that used the Ten Commandments, but we didn't know how we could produce something that would hold a child's attention. Finally we figured out how to do it. You will love this tract. It's a 24-page booklet, 2 1/12" x 2".

231.The Atheist Test (100 for $8) Proves the existence of God and the non-existence of the atheist. 20-page publication.

232.Four Simple Laws (100 for $8) Similar to The Four Spiritual Laws, but puts in what they forgot -- the Law, Judgment Day, repentance, Hell, and presents the Gospel as a means of righteousness rather than happiness.

233.Regular Basis (100 for $3) Coffee coaster-looking tract. Now you can drink coffee (and do anything you want) on a "regular basis."

234.Big Money (100 for $4) A good tract to leave lying around.

235.Are You Good Enough to go to Heaven? (100 for $5) *****Top Five! This is a very popular tract. A thorough exposition of the Ten Commandments.

236.America, America (100 for $5) Explains why cancer has increased 300% in ten years, why the increase in tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.

237.Intelligence Test Bookmarks (100 for $4) Has a good "get-away" time. It takes a few minutes for the reader to even realize it's Christian tract. One of the tracts in the Starter Kit #2.

238.Pressed Pennies (100 for $6) ***** Top Five! ***** This is our most popular witnessing tool. It is a penny pressed with the Ten Commandments. Available in the Starter Kit #2.

239.A Penny For Your Thoughts (100 for $3) A tract to go with the pressed pennies.

240.Visual Image Spanish version (100 for $4).

241.Las Vegas Tract - (100 for $5) Spread them in your hand and say "Pick any card . . . any card at all. You're a winner!" Smile, and walk off.

242.Titanic tract -- (100 for $5) ***** Top Five! ***** Postcard size. Say, "Have you seen the movie 'Titanic?'-You might like one of these 'collectibles'."

244.The Bible is full of mistakes -- (50 for $6) Full-color cartoon, 12-pages. A professor begins to prove to his students that the Bible is full of mistakes, and the church is full of hyprocites. Before he attempts to do so, he gives the arguments set forth by "brain-washed fundamentalists": prophecy, scientific facts, and the Ten Commandments. The students come under conviction and one student gives them the Gospel.

245.Evolution: Proof the Bible is False -- (100 for $5) This will destroy the world's faith in evolution, as well as dealing with "Who made God?" Human suffering, etc.

246.Smart Card -- (100 for $5) Place your thumb firmly on the red box for 15 seconds. If you are a "good" person, it will turn a greenish-blue.

247.Y2k Tract -- (100 for $8) Never before has the world been stopped in it's tracks as it might be with the "Y2k" crisis. Surveys show that a year before the new millenium, 48% of Americans said they will withdraw their money from banks. Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to extend a hand to the world.

249.Bullet Tract -- (100 for $8) Gives the reason for kids killing kids. Die-cut in the shape of a bullet, with a tombstone on the back saying "In memory of those murdered while at school."

250.Star Wars -- (100 for $5) We're excited about this tract, because it transcends generations. These graphics are directly from the film. They are "collectibles" - printed in a postcard format.

NOTE: We have an attractive Tract Display. This displays 12 of our most popular tracts. It has been designed to get your church involved in using tracts. It is approximately 16" high by 11" wide, and will sit upright in the lobby of your church. The display, including the tracts is $8 (price includes S/H).


The Reapers Thomas Ray

P.O. Box 796541

Dallas, TX 75379 Tray1701

ÒEternity God and YouÓ excellent tract

Regular Baptist Press
P.O. Box 95500
Schaumburg, Illinois 60195
"How to Live the Christian Life"- good tract for new believers
"How Can I Go to Heaven Someday? -Excellent tract, well written, good use of pictures
"Life After Death"
"What Shall I do to Inherit Eternal Life" in Spanish and English
one of the best tract ministries in the USA
Revival Fires International
P.O. Box 1008
Branson West, Missouri 65737
Truth for Youth Comic Book
Rio Grande Bible Institute
Print Shop
4300 S. Bus. 281
Edinburg, Texas 78539
"Tiene proposito su vida" in Spanish and English
and other titles

Roger De Lozier

Russian and Ukrainian web site with camera ready tracts on apologetics and cults Russian Tracts Although English titles to our tracts appear below the following PDF files contain literature written or translated into the Russian language.

Walter Martin Kingdom of the Cults: Time to Stand for Truth General Apologetics

Is Sun Myong Moon's Principle Really Divine? Unification Church

Wesley P. Walters The Book of Mormon Today

Mormon Missionaries at Your Door

Is Mormonism Christian?

Mormon Missionaries

Dmitry Rozet Mormons and Polygamy

Latter Day Saints: Where Do They Contradict the Bible? Mo rmonism

Children of the Tower Jehovah's Witnesses

Joel B. Groat Facts You Should Know About Jehovah's Witnesses

Danger at your Door Duane Magnani Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses and 1975 Duane Magnani

Jesus: Is He a True or a False God? Rob Bowman Jehovah's Witnesses

Gospel Test for Jehovah's Witnesses

Theocratic War Strategy Duane Magnani Jehovah's Witnesses

J. J. Ross Some Facts About the Self-Styled "Pastor" Russel (1912) Jehovah's Witnesses

One God or Many? Jehovah's Witnesses

Walter Martin Does God Always Heal? General Apologetics

Jehovah's Witnesses: Prophets, Promises, Problems

Do You Know All You Should Know About Abortion

Melody Green Questions Most Often Asked About Abortion

After Abortion: Can Anyone Understand?

D. Smirnov The Pharisees' Hypocrisy Abortion

The Diary of an Unborn Child Abortion

Melody Green Children - Trash? Abortion

Crux of the Matter: The Jehovah's Witnesses and the Cross of Christ


ROX35 COMIX / ROX35 Media, Inc.

Nate Butler

Web Page: Email:

CHRISTIAN COMICS/CARTOON RESOURCES -- The comics training and consulting ministry ROX35 Media, Inc. maintains the Christian Comics International (CCI) web site as an additional ministry service and resource. They have just added a new "Mailbag" section with answers to the many questions they receive about Christian comics. Also, they have revived the Christian Comics Catalog with almost 50 comics and cartoon books, in English, Spanish, Japanese, and (soon) in German, which can be ordered right on-line.

COMICS WITH AN ATTITUDE -- Almost any issue or idea can be turned into a story, which can then be made into a comic. This book gives practical advice on how to target and produce comics. It's free to third World readers, and is also available online: For Christian training in the use of cartooning and comics, Rox35 Media is the place to go:

Our organization, ROX35, is the only ministry in the world involved in full-time training and consultation on the production and effective use of COMICS (the world's most widely read literature form!) for evangelism and discipleship.

Comics are excellent communication tools. People around the world already read them. They adapt to fit specific people groups. Comics are a natural for bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to children and adults across the globe!

ROX35 shows missionaries & other literature ministers how to use comics effectively, trains their people to produce quality comics at reasonable cost, and provides help in creating and producing these comics through one-one-one consultations.


Russel Smith Leaflet Evangelism

PO Box 1934

Waco, Texas 76700

or 2215 Parkway Dr. El Monte, California 91732

"A Scientist Discovers God"

Sar Shalom Publications
Box 1331
Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632
booklet for Jewish people
"Twenty-one reasons" a rabinnical student gives reasons why he believes
Jesus is the Messiah
Seeds Christian Tracts Free tracts for you to download and print, we also have many Bible studies. Do you write tracts? We gladly post tracts  for free download.

Shadow of the Steeple Ministries
1743 Robertson Loop Road
Clarkesville GA 30523
FREE, but donation requested.
Telephone: (706) 754-3733.
Tracts FREE as the Lord provides. This Ministry is supported by the love gifts of God's people,


The Shield Press -- Shield Bible Tracts
R. J. Lievsay
1910 Jean Dr.
Arnold, MO 63010-3498
We do have traditional style gospel tracts, but we specialize in
our Bible Study Pamphlet series for believers, train workers.


Silent Word Ministry

PO Box 889

Trenton, GA 30752

706-657-8000 Ted and Carlene Camp ministry to the deaf excellent 47 page booklet with pictures written by missionary Jon Barr gives an overview of the Bible



McQuaid, Andy

Casilla de Correo 1321


Paraguay, South America SIM missionary Andy McQuaid announces a new effort to produce evangelistic literature that is written by Paraguayans and printed in Paraguay. SIM in Paraguay has long been a major supplier of evangelistic literature for the Paraguayan church--"literally tons of gospel tracts"- all of it from sources outside the country. It is expected that materials that are written and produced locally will have an even greater effect. SIM-Paraguay plans to provide these materials at cost to any Bible believing church or individual who desires to reach Paraguayans for Christ. At present, McQuaid is developing the initial concept for the projects, which are then written by local Christian leaders. Three projects are underway at this time, the first nearly ready for publication. SIM's vision is for the Paraguayan church to take full ownership of the literature development in due time. They have published two tracts (1/2003) and the tracts need to be picked up personally.

82 Mill Lane
NR31 8HR
Tel: +44 (0)1493 445533 & 664383

SKORO is a free bilingual Russian/English paper, similar to SOON.

Sonlife Ministries

526 N. Main

Elburn, Illinois 60119

ÒKnowing God PersonallyÓ bridge tract

SOON Gospel Literature
44 Twyford Rd
Derby DE65 6BN
Tel: +44 (0)1283 702334
Fax: +44 (0)1283 702334

They produce a publication called SOON in easy-English
Some people would call it a tract - really its a slightly bigger
single-sheet with several testimonies and stories on it. A new issue is
produced quarterly. Its easy-English style is aimed primaril y at
2nd-language English readers and learners. Distribution is by direct mail
around the world, both to indiviudals requesting to go on the mailing list
for a year, and Chrisian ministries who wish to distribute it in quantity,
or TEFL teachers to use it in teaching. Circulation is 3 million a year.

It offers a Bible correspondence course to inquirers.

A sample copy of the paper can be downlaoded in PDF format from which can be read using the
Acrobat reader.

SOON also has an evangelistic website and a Guide
for using the web for evangelism which also has a page of mission and TEFL

Similar evangelistic papers are produced in other languages under the
umbrella name Gospel Literature Worldwide, and are included on this list
under their own names, or the GLW entry. Languages available are: French,
German, Italian, Nepali, Portuguese, Russian/English bilingual, Shona and

Gospel Literature Worldwide

An umbrella group of ministries within the interdenominational mission
WEC International. Each produce a paper similar to SOON, in different
languages. Literature is free, and is distributed by direct-mail to
individual readers, and in larger quantities to Christians who wish to
distribute. Total circulation is about 5 million a year.

All these papers offer their own contact address so that readers can go on
the mailing list for (typically) one year. Follow-up material (often Bible
correspondence courses) and counsel are also offered.

Details are given elsewhere on this list for:
BIENTOT (French)
CEDO (Portuguese)
DER WEG (German)
SKORO (Russian/English bilingual

The following languages are also available - please contact the SOON
above for further information.


Papers have also been produced in the past in Gujerati, Romanian, Punjabi
and Urdu. Although these are no longer in production, permission to
reprint old issues would be willingly granted. Permission to reprint individual
articles or testimonies from any of these papers would also normally be

Other language startups
Gospel Literature Worldwide see the concept of free papers like SOON as
having an application in many languages. SOON HQ would be very happy to
encourage and facilitate the launching of papers in other languages.

Making sense of life:

Web-writing & webmaster resources

Spare no expense to make everything as economical as possible. - Samuel
Source of Light Ministries
1011 Mission Road
Madison, GA 30650
Phone: (706) 342-0397
FAX: (706) 342-9072
Contact: Mr. Glenn E. Dix, General Director
Contact: Mr. Barry Gillis, Director of Worldwide Literature Computer
tracts in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
South Africa
United Christian Ministries
Po Box 1770
Port Elizabeth
South Africa 6000
Tel +27 41 582 2414
Fax +27 41 582 3328

Various Tracts distributed free to ministries and churches
First Steps for new believers

Kelvin Redit
No. 209 Manuka Road
Glenfield Auckland 10
New Zealand
PHONE O9 4448913 OR O2I-1344582.

they are available for the world on a contribution towards printing and postage, tracts are in English

The titles are:

Did you know- the sevens in Creation
Love and Forgiveness, (1 Cor. 13)
Creation tract on the Space, Moon, Sun, Stars... etc
Camel and creation
"Todays Life... Problems?
Where is your life leading you? 


Sowers of Seed

P.O. Box 6217

Fort Worth, Texas 76115 USA

Telephone (817) 923-6304 FAX (817) 263-4809 (24 hours a day) tracts in English and Spanish we have a tract ministry that produces small Bible booklets and tracts. One of our most popular tracts is the "Smile Jesus Loves You" booklet, we have over 30 booklets and 18 tracts for sale.

Tract Titles

Smile, Jesus Loves You Good News for Everyone Which Way to Turn Say No to Drugs Let No Your Heart Be Troubled Vitamins for Troubled Hearts God Loves You Love, Joy, Peace Here's A Tip Bible Verses for Children Peace With God A Taste of Jesus Christ' Teachings The King Is Coming Lord, Teach Us to Pray What Must I Do To Be Saved? Questions & Answers About Your Future Everlasting Life Messiah The Prince of Peace The One Way to Happiness The Facts of Life Christmas Begins With Christ He Is Risen No Trick, Just Treat How To Become A Christian NOW Am I Going To Heaven? Know Your Rights Walk A Little Plainer Daddy Mary Had a Little Boy (Poem) Meet My Savior The Big Question Him (A Picture Poem of Christ) 4 Things God Wants You To Know But Who Do You Say That I Am? Today's Gos-Pill: Very Good For the Heart Smile, Jesus Loves You (Spanish) 4 Things God Wants You To Know (Spanish) Your Life In Christ This Is Exciting - D. Stuart Briscoe


Sports ministries which have tracts

For links to these sports ministries, please go to the web site above and click on the link for Sports Information Directory.

Sports ministries which have tracts:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Email: or
Athletes in Action
Winning Run Foundation
Atletas de Cristo
Greek Youth Ministry (GYM)
International Christian Cycling Club
John Kregel Ministries
Unlimited Potential
Christian Living Today Magazine
Cross Training Publi shing
Athletic Ministries International Inc
Texas Sports Reach
Sports Christian Union International
SU Sportz

Sports Spectrum
Straight Traks cassettes
cassettes with David Robinson and Reggie White
sort of like an audio testimony tract

Step Up To Life

sermon entitled, "Steps Leading to Salvation" and distributed his notes.
Little did he know that this would give birth to the _Step Up To
Life_(tm) evangelistic booklet. Since that time the tract has been
translated into 17 different languages and is used worldwide by many
different denominations, organizations and everyday "Joe Christians."
More information, teaching materials, free downloads (several thematic
English versions and multiple languages), and interactive versions are
all available at

Street Witnessing Tracts
P.O. Box 1403
Euless, Texas 46039
"?" Tract-in color-excellent
colorful, small, well written
pictures and graphics
English and Spanish

Stirrup Associates

115 Church St.

Decatur, Georgia 30030

"La Palabra de Dios Para Ti" Spanish tracts


Stone Tablets Ministries
PO Box 24365
Lakeland FL, 33802-4365
Rick (Mark 8:38)
Our ministry sends out tracts for free.
Has info on evangelism training on their web site
We emphasize the effectiveness of using the Ten Commandments and tracts in witnessing.

Swahili Tracts

This is my list of Addresses for Tracts in Swahili, which I always
give to people who are asking for sources:
Kimahama Tracts
P.O. Box 14140
Phone -255-57-4400/4
Fax -255-57-4404
different tracts written in Swahili (no translations) each TSh 3

Bwana K.M. Katibu
S.L.P 125
Several tracts in Swahili (free).

Njia ya Uzima
Box 21012
Njia ya Uzima (The way of Life) have got many different tracts
designed for the Muslim reader. They have a wide variety in Swahili
and English as well as Bible Correspondence courses.
Sword of the Lord Publishers
P.O. Box 1099
Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37130
Phone: (615) 893-6700
Toll-Free: (800) 247-9673
Main FAX: (615) 895-7447

tracts by Curtis Hutson and John Rice (good long tract/booklet)
Curtis Hutson's tract "How to Know You are Going to Heaven" is highly
recommended, one of the best tracts in print

Hutson Four Things...Heaven Spanish $5.00 for 100
Hutson How To Know...Heaven English $5.00 for 100
Hutson Salvation...Simple English $6.00 for 100
Hutson Salvation...Simple Spanish $6.00 for 100
Rice J R What Must...Saved English $6.00 for 100
Rice J R What Must...Saved Spanish $6.00 for 100

Tabernacle Baptist Church
P.O. Box 3100
1911 34th St.
Lubbock, Texas 79452

Tammy Tolman


Figtree NSW 2525


EMAIL: * The Journey Discipleship Tract Great tool for children making a first time commitment. Teaches essentials for Christian Living. Children can carry with them and remember the decision they have made for Christ.

Thru the Bible Radio Network
Pasadena, California 91109-7100
"The Inside Story" well done tract on glossy paper

The Tough Guys.Com

read some Chick tracts and other comic books tracts online

FREE COMIC PAK - Sent Anywhere!

* The Sissy - Read it online * Gomez Is Coming (Gangs) - Read it online * Bad Bob - Read it online * The Bull -Read it online * The Execution - Read it online * Demon's Nightmare - Read it online * The Long Trip - Read it online * War Zone - Read it online


Tract Evangelistic Crusade

P.O. Box 998

Apache Junction, AZ 85220

Evangelist John Denmark

The Tract League
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49544-1390
has a good tract on witnessing to jw's
has a sample package of assorted tracts

The Tract League
2627 Elmridge Drive NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544-1329

Tract Society

P.O. Box 42544 Los Angeles, CA 90050

Tract Publisher offering gospel tracts for an offering


Bro. George Trask
"Operation Witness" is a small booklet for door to door witness. It is
available in either English or German booklets. Dr. Gordon Carpenter,
veteran pastor, evangelist and missionary supporter, wrote this booklet
and wants to see i t distributed. While supplies last, they can be
obtained by calling Bro. George Trask at 706/657-7289.


Treasure Path to Soul Winning
J.O. Grooms
Box 2104
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501
tracts by J.O. Grooms

<>58 page small booklet of verses to memorize to use when witnessing
in English and Spanish Christ Life MinistriesTreasure Path to Soul Winning, JO Grooms, $2.00. - 20k - Cached - Similar pages
Trevor Keam
58 Knights Road
Rothesay Bay
North Shore City, 0630
New Zealand

Ph: +64 9 476 3011

Free Christian tracts. We are a small, husband-and-wife team who are
committed to writing and publishing good-quality gospel tracts, which we
make available free of charge to all who can use them. We have seen
amazing provision from the Lord as we print and distribute these tracts,
and we are willing to ship them throughout the world. For people who ask
about the cost of producing these tracts, we have calculated it to be
$0.10c per tract in New Zealand dollars, which is approx $.08c US.
Postage varies according to country and weight of tracts to be sent, but
we will ship, regardless of an offer to contribute to the cost.
1360 NW 88 Ave.
Miami, FL 33172, USA
Tel. (305)592-6136
Fax (305)592-0087
Spanish tracts including the four spiritual laws by Campus Crusade for

A Unlimited Concepts Gospel Tracts
P.O. Box 24044
Fort Worth, TX 76124-1044 U.S.A.
If you want a Free Sample and Order Form, in a letter ask for Gospel tract in #50 English or #40 Spanish language. Send a self-addressed stamped, long envelope.
Published Gospel Tracts Since 1983 Reaching the Multitudes The world needs someone to tell them about Jesus Christ! I gave my life to Jesus Christ in November, 1973 and started passing out Gospel tracts to reach people for Jesus Christ. In 1983 I started a tract ministry in my church, and we reached thousands of people with Gospel tracts for Jesus Christ. I wrote my first Gospel tract in 1983 and have been writing Gospel tracts ever since. Unlimited Concepts tracts have the message of Jesus Christ to reach people without Jesus Christ!

Each Unlimited Concepts tract has the sinner's prayer, so they can receive Jesus Christ, even if you are not with them. Unlimited Concepts tracts are simple, short, and effective!

These 3-1/2 x 4-1/4 size of Unlimited Concepts tracts are great for personal, church, and ministry outreach! On the back of each Unlimited Concepts tract, is space for your church or ministry.

New Unlimited Concepts tracts will be added to the order form as long as there are people without Jesus Christ!

Gospel Tracts

150 Tract Sample Variety A sample of each tract will provide a wide range of choices to reach people who need Jesus Christ.

140 VARIEDAD DE TRATRADOS Una muestra de cada tratado le dara una variedad de opciones para alcanzar las personas que necesitan a Cristo Jesus.

316 Success What is God's idea of success?

276 Understanding Love Parable of two brothers showing love.

321 Love God's Word of what love is!

317 Jesus Christ Loves Me Jesus Christ reaches out with love!

200 Too Busy God's love reaching out to busy people.

214 A New Beginning People are offered a new start in life through Jesus Christ.

307 Impossible Made Possible A simple Gospel tract. God can do great things!

380 Dare To Be Different Dare to be different by giving your life to Jesus Christ.

245 No Room We need to make room for Jesus Christ to be first place in our life.

314 Promises Sometimes people don't keep their promises, but God always keeps His promises.

355 Heart Of A Champion Jesus Christ is a champion.

400 Remember Me There are many ways to be remembered, because people do not want to be forgotten! Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, is the greatest way to be remembered!

309 Questions There are basic questions of life, but one answer: Jesus Christ!

270 Jesus Christ Short biography of Jesus Christ!

390 Book Of Life Many books are written, but the Book of Life will have information about where you will spend eternity.

322 Jesus Christ Short biography of Jesus Christ!

700 Answers Questions with Bible answers.

320 Friend The greatest friend, Jesus Christ!

365 Daily Needs People have many needs, but God fulfill their greatest need!

323 Jesus Christ Short biography of Jesus Christ

300 Family God's family is the greatest ever.

310 Late A warning! We might be late sometimes, but death is always on time!

360 Wise Decision We make many decisions, but only one counts: accepting Jesus as your personal Savior!

318 Unknown Riches The greatest riches are not on earth, but in God!

216 Why Me? Jesus Christ offers the greatest opportunity!

701 Answers Questions with Bible answers.

375 Jesus Christ Short biography of Jesus Christ.

335 Higher Education Learning from the greatest that ever lived: God!

324 Truth How did sin start, and Jesus Christ is the answer!

350 Love Without End God's love has no end!

500 Think About It Answers from God's Word in the Bible.

250 Information 1. The Bible has the greatest information! 2. Opportunity for a relationship with Jesus Christ.

347 The Price Jesus Christ paid the price for sin to give us a new life!

430 Light Or Darkness What our life represents if we walk in light (Jesus Christ) or darkness (without Jesus Christ)

367 Follow Me People are looking for someone to guide them, or leadership. The answer is Jesus Christ!

Unlimited Outreach
PO Box 15861
Fort Worth, Texas 76119


646 South State Street

Chicago, Illinois 60605 USA

Ph.# 312-922-1462 comic booklets of people who were unshackled or saved testimony booklets

c/o SOON address as above

UPESI is a free quarterly paper in Swahili, similar to SOON, for East and
Central Africa.

Vaughn Missionary Ministries
Rt. 1, Box 218
Brooksville, MS 39739
"The Fulness of the Spirit"
" The Best Gift"
English and Spanish Tracts

< p>Victory tracts & posters

Mark Walford Director +44 2086562297

We are victory tracts & Posters, founded 1946, a UK registered charity, and one of the UK's largest, and oldest tract publishers. Our current range includes over 50 tracts and 59 wayside pulpit style posters, as well as a selection of 49 of the best posters from the Inspirationart of the USA.

Video-Tracts Revival
PO Bpx 42905
Nairobi, Kenya
Vietnamese Tracts
Friends tell me that in a month or two (5/99), Vietnamese language tracts
on a variety of subjects will be available for reading or printing on the
web at a brand-new site, These tracts will eventually
come in both English and Vietnamese. In a week or two, they expect to
have the harmony of the Gospels up--Christmas, Passion and Resurrection
sections only.

Volunteer Seedlines Publications

a ministry of Gunnings Baptist Church

PO Box 3140

Blountville, TN 37617

423-323-8473 missionary publishing organization which publishes mainly in Spanish as a mission, independent Baptist organization


Wayfarer Ministries Harvest Baptist Church

Po Box 998

Newton, North Carolina 28658

828-466-3897 literature by Gil Massengill advertises in an independent Baptist newspaper


WEB OUTREACH Cybertracts
The man behind the Internet evangelism resource Web Outreach
describes himself as "just a guy with a
WebTV who wanted to learn how to make websites and glorify the Lord
through it." What he's given the world is a wealth of information
useful to e-vangelists. Web Outreach features a collection of Net
witnessing ideas -- from chat room evangelism to cybertracts -- as
well as links to various message boards. There's even a "learn html"
tutorial for the novice.


Joe West

ul. Poswietna 16a


Warsaw, Poland Polish tracts Joe West is a missionary to Poland and is an independent Baptist. He has a few good tracts in Polish.


Western Tract Mission

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Arnold Stobbe, the current acting Director Ruth Friesen the web designer and member of the Website committee A catalogue of our tracts is on the website.


The Wilds Christian Association

Ken Hay

PO Box 509

Taylors, SC 29687-0509 USA

864-268-4760 Who will teach your child to know God? booklet


The Winning Run Foundation

Box 592

Kankakee, Illinois 60901

(815) 939-5119 or (815) 937-1312  all tracts are 20 cents each The Winning Run (14 pages) Fourth and Impossible! (18 pages) The Winning Stroke (14 pages) The Perfect Save (14 pages) The Perfect Substitute (14 pages) Temple Conditioning (3 pages) The Perfect Reliever (14 pages)


<> Witness Cards
P.O. Box 414
Goshen,Ohio 45122 USA

Our Witness Cards are unique and different from other tracts. Designed to grab the attention of the receiver. We receive a lot of comments from others  stating "that where others will not take a booklet tract they will take the Witness Cards".
Witness Cards may be purchased for a nominal price to help cover expenses.

We currently have thirty designs:

1. If We Meet 2. Move Mountains 3. Just One Drop 4. I Am In The Book 5. Be Ye 
Transformed 6. You Don't Have To Stay In The Darkness 7. It's Not Worth The 
Gamble 8. The Gate 9. Thou Shalt Not Kill 10. Reconciliation 11. Trust In Him 
12. Strait Is The Gate 13. Jesus Is The Life Saver 14. Get Out Of Jail Free 
15. Yes Jesus Loves Me 16. The Anchor 17. HOPE 18. Acts 4:12 19. Mercy 20. 
Compassions 21. Break The Chains 22. Faith 23. Instructions 24. Puzzled? 25. 
How Is Your Heart? 26. Romans 9:10 27. Hebrews 13:5 28. Philippians 4:7 29. 
Plans I Have For You 30. My Dear Watson

Stop by and visit us at
Our Witness Cards are Different and Unique. Designed to start the conversation
~ break the ice ~ and open the door ><>


Word of Life Press
6 Shinano Machi
Shinjuku Ku
Tokyo 160-0016, Japan
tel: 03-3353-9345
Roberta Peabody
Word Of Life Press distributes books, tracts and videos in Japanese.
Please request their tract catalog, which lists the titles of their tracts in English and Japanese and a description in English. It is 8 pages (2001) and includes info on ministry to the blind materials, follow up booklets and correspondence courses. "The Christian" weekly newspaper produces a digest version on their web site. Their mail order department is called the Wings Service.


Word Tracts
P.O. Box 24044
Fort Worth, Tx 76124 - 1044 USA
Christian tracts in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

World Missionary Press
Box 120
New Paris, Indiana 46553 USA
tel: 219-831-2111
fax: 219-831-2161
inexpensive booklets used throughout the world in many languages
uses a lot of verses
has a few different titles
ask for catalog

World Missionary Press
is an inter- denominational faith ministry producing 48-page topical
Scripture booklets in over 300 languages, along with Bible study
booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages. We are producing
approximately 3,600,000 Scripture booklets each month to send out free
of charge as th e Lord enables us financially. During our 36 years of
ministry we have sent literature by request into 195 countries and
islands of the world. You can read their booklets online on their web

List of Languages Produced

Help From Above
Acoli, Afrikaans, Aguacateco, Agusan Manobo, Ahanta, Albanian, Amharic,
Anal, Arabic, Armenian, Assamese, Ateso, Ayacucho Quechua, (for Peru),
Aymara, Azumeina, Bambara, Bangala, Baoule, Bariba, Basque, Bassa, Bassa
Kwomu, Bassari, Bemba, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Bicol, Boomu, Bulgarian,
Burmese, Catalan, Cebuano (Visayan), Chavacano, Chichewa (Nyanja), Chin,
Chinese (Traditional), Chisena, Chokwe, Chol (Tumbala), Chumburung,
Chuukese, Corsican-French, Cree, Croatian, Czech, Dagbani, Dangme,
Danish, Darlong, Dayak Ngaju, Dendi, Dhu Alur, Ditammari, Dompago,
Douala, Dutch, Ebembe, Ebira, Edo, Efik, Ekegusii, Elimbari, English
(KJV or NKJV), Estonian, Etsako, Ewe, Fante, Fijian, Finnish, French,
Fulfulde (Cameroon), Ga, Gawigl, German, Getsogo, Giriama, Gourma,
Greek, Guarani, Gujarati, Gun, Halbi, Hamtai, Hausa, Hebrew, Hiligaynon
(Ilongo), Hindi, Hmar, Hungarian, Ibaloi, Ibanag, Ibo, Idoma, Ifugao:
Batad, Igala, Igede, Ilocano, Indonesian, Isoko, Italian, Japanese,
Javanese, Jula, Kalenjin, Kana, Kanarese (Kannada), Kaonde, Karbi,
K'ekchi', Kharia, Khasi, Khmere, Kikamba, Kikongo: Fioti, Kikuyu,
Kilega, Kiluba, Kimeru, Kinandi, Kinshasa-Lingala, Kinyakyusa,
Kinyarwanda, (Runyarwanda), Kirundi, Kisanga, Kisongye, Kissi,
Kiswahili, Kituba, Kom Rem, Konkani (Govani), Konkomba, Konyak Naga,
Korean, Kreyol (Creole), Kriol, Kuki, Kumam, Kuna, Kuranko, Kuteb,
Lamba, Lango, Lao, Latvian, Liangmai Naga, Lingala, Lithuanian, Lozi,
Lubukusu, Luchazi, Luganda, Lugbara, Lunda-Ndembu, Luo, Luragoli,
Luvale, Luyia, Maasai, Macedonian, Ma'di, Maithily, Malagasy, Malay,
Malayalam, Maltese, Mam, Mambila, Manipuri, Marathi, Marshallese,
Marwari, Mashi, Mataco, Mawchi, Melanesian Pidgin, Mizo, Monkole, Mofa,
Mufian, Mundari, Nangjere, Navajo, Ndonga, Nduga, Nembe, Nepali,
Ngambai, N. African Arabic, Northern Mam, Norwegian, Nupe, Nzebi, Nzema,
Old Mongolian, Oraon, Oriya, Otelela, Paite, Pampango, Pangasinan,
Papiamento, Pare, Persian (Iranian), Pokot, Polish, Portuguese,
Portuguese-Creole, Punjabi, Quiche, Romanian, Rongmei-Naga, Roviana,
Runyankore-Rukiga, Runyoro-Rutooro, Russian, Sadri, Samoan, Sango,
Santali, Santali-Oriya, Sepedi, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Simplified
Chinese, Sindhi, Sinhala, SiSwati, Slovak, Slovenian, Soomaali, S.
Bolivian Quechua, Spanish, Subanen Lupuyan, Margosatubig, Sukuma,
Sundanese, Surigaonon, Swedish, Tagalog, Tahitian, Taita, Tamil,
Tangkhul Naga, Tboli, Tedim Kam, Telugu, Temne, Thai, Tibetan, Tigan
Rom-Gypsy, Tigrinya, Tiv, Tonga, Tshiluba, Tshwa, Tsonga (Shangaan),
Tswana, Turkana, Turkish, Twi (Ashanti), Ukrainian, Umbundu, Urdu,
Urhobo, Vaiphei, Venda, Vietnamese, Waray, Xhosa, Yagaria, Yalunka, Yao,
Yipunu, Yissango, Yoruba, Zaire Swahili, Zande, Zarma, Zomi, Zulu

How to Know God
Albanian, Albanian/English, Arabic*, Ateso, Bengali, Bengali, Muslim*,
Bulgarian, Burmese, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified/English),
Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, Efik, English
(NKJV only), Estonian, Ewe, Finnish, French, German, Hausa, Hiligaynon,
Hindi, Ibo, Igala, Ilocano, Indonesian, Javanese, Kiluba, Kinyarwanda,
Kiswahili, Kreyol, Lingala, Luganda, Malagasy, Malayalam*, Maltese,
Manipuri*, Nangjere, Nembe, Ngambai*, Oriya, Pampango, Pangasinan,
Persian (Farsi)*, Portuguese, Portuguese-Creole, Romanian, Russian,
Russian/English*, Sinhala, Slovak, Spanish , Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu*,
Tonga, Turkish, Twi, Ukrainian, Urdu*, Urdu-Pakistan, Xhosa

The Way to God
Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Danish,
English (NKJV only), French, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian,
Kannada, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Kituba, Malayalam, Marathi, Melanesian
Pidgin, Oriya, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish,
Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Ukrainian

The Power of God
Amharic, Bengali, Cebuano, Ebembe, Efik, English (NKJV only), French,
German, Hausa, Hmar, Ilocano, Italian, Japanese, Kiluba, Korean,
Luganda, Nangjere, Ngambai, N. African Arabic, Nzema, Pampango,
Portuguese, Rongmei-Naga, Russian, Shona, Sinhala, Spanish, Tagalog,
Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tigrinya, Tonga, Ukrainian, Urdu*, Urdu-Pakistan,

Who Am I That a King Would Die In My Place?
Afrikaans, Bemba, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chitumbuka, Chokwe, Ebembe, Efik,
English (NKJV only), French, Hungarian, Ibo, Igala, Kaonde, Kinyarwanda,
Kuki, Lingala, Luo, Mawchi, Nangjere, Portuguese, Quiche, Russian,
Sinhala, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Tonga, Tshiluba, Ukrainian, Urdu,
Urdu-Pakistan, Yoruba

Satan versus CHRIST
Ahanta, Amharic, Bangala, Cebuano, Chichewa, English (NKJV only), Fante,
French, Hiligaynon, Indonesian, Kikamba, Kiluba, Kituba, Kiswahili,
Kreyol (Haitian Creole)*, Luganda, Nangjere, Pampango, Polish,
Portuguese, Russian, Shona, Sinhala, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Tedim Kam,
Tonga, Tshiluba, Twi, Ukrainian, Yoruba, Xhosa

The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ
English (NKJV only), Chinese (Simplified)

Let's Praise the Lord!
Azumeina, Cebuano, English (NKJV only), German, Kreyol (Haitian Creole),
Luganda, Nduga*, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Ukrainian

Wings Over Zion (407 per box)
English (KJV only), Hebrew (200 per box), Korean (200 per box), Russian,

Scripture Memory Book (68 per box)
English (KJV only)


The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ Help From Above How to Know God Let's Praise the Lord The Power of God Precious Truths Satan vs Christ The Way to God-an excellent booklet with graphics/pictures , starts in Genesis and goes to the New Testament Who Am I That a King Would Die In My Place?

Wonderful Word Publishers

PO Box 2583

Harlingen, Texas 78551

"15 Reasons Why I Can't Be a JW' Spanish and English tracts

The Wonderful Word Publishers

107 West Lincoln

Harlingen Texas 78550

Cimino ÒEl Abismo Tiene PuenteÓ tract in Spanish 956-425-2010



100 Lake Hart Dr.

MC 18-00,

Orlando, FL 32832

407-854-1361 . MINI-CD: "WHO IS HE?" -- From WorldLINC, here's a novel and brand new evangelistic tool (a mini-CD) the size of a business card! It's called "Who is He?" and there's no Christian jargon on the package. In a clear, interactive presentation (in 20 languages, by the way), it explains the gospel message. Moreover, interested seekers may contact a Christian Webmaster who speaks their language if they have web access. You can obtain one or more mini CDs for $2.75 each. Orders can be made online at Quantity discounts are available for donors by contacting Janice Wells.

World Wide Christian Literature
John Ferguson Memorial
PO Box 584
Canoga Park, California 91305
has an excellent Spanish tract on the JW's (satan's witnesses)

World-Wide Prison Ministries
Dr. Gene Neill, President

My autobiography, "I'm Gonn'a Bury You!" is a current international
bestseller, in five languages, and my little illustrated
("comic-book-style") tracts are in many languages, and just now going into Arabic. Our tracts are free to anyone. Anytime.
And at least one of my books is free to anybody, anywhere.
And we sell all of my books and tracts and cassettes and videos to prison
ministries for only our costs.

World Wide Tract Ministry
West End P.O. Box 3625
Birmingham, Alabama 35211
"Romans' Road to Heaven"
good tract to witness with

World Wide Tract Ministry
P.O. Box 3949
Birmingham, AL  35208
205. 787.9417

World Wide Tract Ministry
P. O. Box 1660
Bessemer, AL  35021-1660
Phone: 205-426-4308

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