The flyers on this page are designed to stimulate profitable discussions about very practical issues that Christians face as they put their faith into practice.

I have used them in my adult Sunday School class. I distributed a flyer one week and we discussed it the next week. That gave everyone time to think about and reflect on the issue so that the discussions were more than “shared ignorance.”

Obviously, the space limitations restrict the amount of information that can be presented. All of the issues change with the passage of time, so you will want to update them as necessary. You may also want to edit them to fit the circumstances in your situation. If you do so, please remove  my name from the flyer.

I commend these brochures to you with the prayer that they will spiritually enrich the lives of those who participate in the discussions.


iDiscussion Starter #1......Let Us Pray......Public prayer is a group activity. For it to be a worthwhile experience, everyone who participates needs to think about what they are doing. This flyer offers some stimulating thoughts about corporate prayer.

iDiscussion Starter #2......Let Us Worship.....Worship is a “hot button” in many churches today. It is important that Believers have a clear understanding of worship and how it is exercised. This flyer provides some ideas that should provide a profitable discussion about worship.

iDiscussion Starter #3......Let Us Assemble.....Many people do not even consider church attendance when they plan their schedule, but even some Christians do not have a clear understanding of the role that church attendance should have in their lives. This flyer addresses several of these issues.

iDiscussion Starter #4......Let Us Give.......Many Christians have difficulty with the matter of financially supporting the Lord’s work. This flyer considers this matter with particular attention given to the matter of tithing.

iDiscussion Starter #5.......Let Us Remember.....The Lord’s Table is one of the most solemn and joyous activities of the Church. This flyer addresses one of the most important issues related to the Lord’s Table, who is worthy to partake?

iDiscussion Starter #6.......Let Us Educate.....The Bible places the responsibility for the education of our children upon mothers and fathers. The Church, however, also has a part to play in the educational process. This flyer addresses these issues and introduces the element of the Christian day school.

iDiscussion Starter #7.......Let Us Look Ahead......Most of us have a vague notion about what happens to us after we die—we either go into eternity with God or without him. We don’t often give much thought to what will happen after that. This flyer provokes some thinking that goes beyond a simplistic view of the future.


Discussion Starter #8.............Let Us Sing......Music is meant to be an important part of Christian practice. But there are so many viewpoints about music. This brochure gives some great starting points for an important discussion that we ought to have in our meetings.


Discussion Starter #9.............Let Us Translate......Considering some of the issues that are involved in producing a good English translation of the Bible.


 Discussion Starter #10.............Let Us Share The Gospel......This discussion starter explores the responsibility that individual Christians have to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discussion Starters......download all 7 by clicking here