ELI GISN......And a Lifetime of Heavenly Visits with Kingdom Thoughts and Prose

I am finally introducing "Eli Gisn and a Lifetime of Heavenly Visits." Eli is an angel I met who encouraged me to begin writing. Here is what he said to me: "You are going to write about all your trips to heaven, and I am going to help you publish and distribute it." My jaw feel to the floor....I was not expecting this! But then it all made sense.
After a lifetime of heavenly visits, it was time for the Lord to use them for others. This was all of His choosing. I am not marketing this journal, or financially benefiting in any way. Please read in faith, which will give more benefit. Please read with anticipation, my accounting can become yours.
It is a call to salvation. If you do not know the Lord yet, He can become yours in an instant. Enjoy.

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