Whether you are searching for God or already know Him, our website has resources that will be useful to you. You may make as many copies of our printed material as you wish at no charge. There are video and audio resources as well as links to other helpful websites. Take your time to explore. 

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# 1 The heart of the Bible's message in just one page

English (read and print for free)
English - Smiles (read and print for free)
Over 100 languages (read and print for free)

# 2 English resources for searchers


Gravity - True For You But Not For Me (By Michael Edwards) (read)
The Heart of the Bibles message (watch)
The Heart of the Bible’s message (listen)
Who is Jesus? (read)
Women and children in the life of Jesus (read)
Answers to life’s questions (read at everyperson.com)

The Bible (read at Biblegateway.com)
The stories of the Bible from Creation to the return of Christ  (listen)
The Jesus Film (watch the full length film)

# 3 Non-English resources for searchers


International websites in over 50 languages

The Jesus Film (watch the full-length film in over 100 languages)


# 4 English resources for followers of  Jesus


A Call to Witness (watch)
30 days of inspirational emails (sign up at Godlife.com)

Gravity - True For You But Not For Me (By Michael Edwards) (read)

How to start a spiritual conversation (watch)

How to start a spiritual conversation (read)

Tips on sharing Jesus (read)

The Bible (read)

The Jesus Film (a full length film by Inspirational Films)

Who should share Jesus? (read)

Recommended books on evangelism (read)


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# 6 About On-Tract.com


The Story of On-Tract.com (read)