Up the water rose, past everyone's heads, and far past their toes.



And after a while, all the world was covered with water.


(The people of Sinkyland, sunk, and were never heard from again!)

But the folks of Floatyland were ready--and they floated in their little orange floatys!


Yes they floated and floated, as hard as it seems, in groups holding hands, twenties and teens.



They fished for apples and bananas that floated on the water, for just those few days, they floated and prayed.



In a short time, the water went down, so they could return to their houses and town.


Something else really great occurred. Just enough in the low places the water stood in, just enough so that everyone could swim!


So they kept on their floats, and enjoyed them and swam, in beaches and streams and ponds and a dam.



And they all thanked their Savior, a true Mighty God!

(so remember a lesson to learn and to live, do what God says---even if it seems odd!)