There is a very simple explanation for th events described in the first chapters of Genesis. An explanation that makes perfect common sense, is simple to understand, and fits 100% into the rest of the Bible. The Bible is God's covenant with mankind, and it begins with the creation of Adam and Eve. The creation event at the beginning of the Bible is NOT the creation of the universe, nor is it the creation of the entire planet earth. This is a description of the creation of the covenant land, the place where Adam and Eve would live, Eden.

Over 2,000 years ago people invented the idea that Genesis was explaining the creation of everything. At that times people had very little knowledge of the size and shape of the planet earth. They thought the world was flat, and the stars and planets were hung on a solid background. In the dark ages the Bible was considered the book of all history and the book of all science. About 150 years ago when evolution seemed to question these ideas, many Christian organizations doubled down on these wrong dark ages notions. The truth is that in time past, Christian groups have made the Bible say things that it truly never said at all!

I hope you will look at this free video, which is meant to encourage your own study of the first chapters in Genesis. It's really not a lot of Bible to read and study, and it's telling a very simple story. My hope is to encourage you to do your own studying, and come up with your own conclusions. Genesis is really very simple!

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