Gods perfect Love , alive in us.

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear. Because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Perfect love casts out fear.

The word cast is a verb, not a noun that just sits there.
It means to hurl forward, to throw away at a far distance.
This scripture, is a moving scripture, it has action, it has momentum, meant to carry into our lives. Lets look at how we can get this to work and move in us.

The word perfect means complete, mature, fully grown.
The perfect love indicated here is talking about Gods perfect love, His love for us. This says that his perfect love will do something for us, it will cast out all fear. He has this perfect love for us all the time, shown in the outpouring of love in the sacrifice of His son. So why isn't it casting out fear automatically in us?

How can we be made perfect in love as the scripture says?

Unless you become as little children....we can only truly know and understand the Fathers love if we become like little children. As we trust him in all things big and small ,, we will see his faithfulness towards us and the understanding of his perfect love will increase and take root in us.
Now there is another way we can be filled with His secure love, it is to love others.

1John 4:12

If we love one another, God dwelleth in us,and His love is perfected in us.
As we move to action, and obedience to Gods word, and focus on it, as we love others as he says to do, we will receive greater and greater blessings and comprehend what His love is. We will see how it works in us to others and gain the depth of the walk of love that He intends.

Experience brings hope the word says, and we only get experience by our actions.

Jesus ,at the cross, broke down every social wall that could ever stop us from loving one another and Him. Only our disobedience or lack of action in love can make Christians appear and be and function like the world. He has given every tool, everything we need so we can be completely victorious. Love brings us out of this world, to a new level of living that will make us stand out to the world and attract them to Christ.
Adam lost for us the vision of the spiritual dimension, but Christ bought it back, but we must claim it and attain to it. It is this distortion that can keep us from seeing the Fathers full love, especially in the midst of pain, when the enemy comes to slander God to us. We cant listen, or let him blur the image of a loving heavenly Father.

We must be moved by the word of God instead of our senses. Jesus did not allow satan to trap Him in the sense realm, he stayed in the faith realm, and He consistently walked in love and beat the devil .
Self and selfishness is the foundation of fear; it will always come up lacking. His love is the foundation of faith and soundness to our minds. Fear says what will happen to me? Love says my Lord loves me and will surely take care of me, its in His word, written in His blood, and He will bless me. We partake of His perfect love by faith, and experience His abundant provision based on it.

This scripture does not come alive in us, unless we attain to it, and believe for it. His perfect love does us no good if we simply read about it, or vaguely perceive it floating in the air, or wait to claim it when we die. God wants us to have it now, to reach its fullness in us now. It must live inside us powerfully every day, take root and grow until we have a total trust in Him. This is kingdom living, this is His idea, and it works perfectly.
It will give us all the fruit in our lives that make us holy and calm and that comes from the dependence and trust we have in our father in heaven.




1 John 4:17

Herin is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment; because as He is, so are we in this world.

Now we can see here how his perfect love that has grown inside of us, has set us free even on the day of judgment. Instead of fear we may have boldness, knowing that the perfect sacrifice of His dear son has done all the work for us. We need no longer fear going to hell , and we are bold, even in that day. This says our love is made perfect, complete and mature, meaning we know and understand God, and that we are not under any condemnation.

This says as He is, so are we, now we are holy like Him, thru the blood of Jesus.
The one who dreads judgment has a reason to fear, his sins remain, and He has no assurance, no savior. His love is not made perfect, and he is afraid of judgment, as in John 4:18. He has yet to purify himself and does not know his destiny in God yet. He has not feared God on the earth, and confessed his sins to a holy God, and now fears death and judgment.
But the one who has no fear of judgment, has feared God first on the earth, and realized he needs the blood of Jesus to be worthy, and then counts himself blessed as he departs from his body to meet Jesus in heaven.