(Warning: This is NOT a fairy tale!)

In a kingdom up in the sky, there reigned a king so clean not even a single
speck of dirt was found on him.

Because he was spotless clean, he hated dirt. He hated dirt so much, he
made sure everyone and everything in his kingdom was spotless clean like him.

His kingdom was so spotless clean, it was a wonderful place to live in.
Not even a single speck of dirt was there so there was no disease, no pain,
no death, no sorrow. There no one ever got sick, no one ever died, no one
ever cried.

The king himself was so good just being with him made everyone in his
kingdom happy always.

It was such a wonderful place to live in, many people who did not belong to
his kingdom wanted to live there.

But he could not allow them even just to visit it. They were all so dirty,
both inside and outside their bodies. Born dirty, they became dirtier with
each bad word they said, each bad thought they thought, each bad deed they

If he allowed them to live in his kingdom it would not be spotless clean
anymore. Besides, he hated dirt.

They wanted to live in his kingdom so they tried to wash the dirt from
their bodies. They washed and washed and washed but they were still dirty
afterwards. They were so dirty none of the dirt could be removed.

The king felt sorry for them. He knew they could never make themselves
spotless clean. He wanted them to live in his kingdom so he decided to
help them.

He sent his son to bring them a red-colored liquid which could instantly
remove even the dirtiest dirt. The son died as he poured this liquid for
them but soon after came alive. He announced he would make spotless clean
anyone who came to him for cleansing.

Most of the people ignored him and the red-colored liquid he offered. They
did not believe they needed his help in order to become spotless clean.
Instead of asking him to clean them, they continued washing themselves.

But there were some who realized they could never make themselves spotless
clean as required by the king, een if they washed and washed and washed.
So they went to his son for cleansing.

He washed them with the red-colored liquid and instantly, they became
spotless clean! Not a single speck of dirt remained inside and outside
their bodies!

Spotless clean, they went with the son. Seeing that the dirt he hated had
all been washed from their bodies, the king welcomed them into his kingdom.

As they lived happily ever after in this wonderful place, those who had
been left behind continued to wash themselves. Until now, they are still
trying to become spotless clean in order to live in the kingdom of the king
who hated dirt.

Warning! This is NOT a fairy tale but an illustration of the following
important Bible truths: God is holy. All men are sinners and therefore
cannot live with Him in Heaven forever. But God sent His Son, the God-Man
Jesus Christ, to die and shed His blood on the cross. Each one who turns
away from his sins and trusts Christ alone for salvation will be cleansed.
Only then can they live with God in Heaven forever.

I John 1:7 says, "...the blood of Jesus Christ purifies us from all sin."
(See also Heb. 9:22, Eph. 1:7 and I Cor. 6:9-11)

Won't you ask Christ in faith to forgive and cleanse your sins today? Pray
something like this: "Lord Jesus I believe you died on the cross for my
sins. Forgive me, save me, change me. Amen."

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