I have always loved reading and writing stories, and after I got saved just a few short years ago, it became very clear to me that so very many people who were dear to me were lost without the saving love of Jesus. My first story, "The Party Dress," came to me after I witnessed to my family. So many of them assured me that even though they didn't believe, they would be just fine because they are "good people." The second story, "Plugged In," started with just this phrase in my head as I watched the people in my life who SAID they believed in God but did not exhibit the fruits. They mentally agreed with the concept of Jesus, but they had not been changed by His powerful presence. This resonated with me so much because I, myself, had been a believer my whole life but hadn't experienced the change until I laid the last of myself down, quit being lukewarm, and gave my whole heart to Him. I hope to write more stories in the future, so I will be praying and listening to the Father's leading.

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The Party Dress......This is the story of two sisters who were given beautiful white ball gowns and invited to the Party by the Host. But, only one of them finds the way to be made here to download the here to download as a web page


Plugged In.....In this story a young person joins the Maestro's Fine Arts Music Academy, where everyone plays an instrument, but only a very few are "plugged in" to the Maestro. This is a truly unique spiritual story that relates the here to download the here to download as a web page


  The White Rave........Believing is hearing in this story about a boy who takes a leap of faith to find the music before the big dance party comes to here to download the here to download as a web page


 "Floaties"......Are you trying to be like the world, making excuses for the Bible or ignoring it completely to conform to the world's ways? Or are you listening to God and His Word, to keep you "afloat"? here to download the here to download as a web page

****NEW....I have recently published a book! "Anchor Your Soul In Hope" a 13-week devotional based on the hymn "I've Anchored In Jesus". It is available as an e-book and a paperback. To view them on Amazon, please click on the links below.

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