RELEASE DATE: Summer 2004
DIRECTOR:  John Martin,
WRITER:    K.J.Kolka (Based on his comic book)

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SYNOPSIS: College student Rich Benton becomes the Christian super hero THE CARDINAL, after seeking God's direction for his life. Live action film, based on the Christian comic book "The Cardinal Adventures" by K.J.Kolka.




 Lucas A. Scattergood plays the role of Rich Benton/The Cardinal.Luke has performed in many plays, and is quite active in the thea- tre. Not only does Luke perform in local theatre productions, but also in many plays at his church.Luke is currently attending college  and  is  studying theatre. Hewould like to pursue acting upon graduation. He is a very talented actor and will certainly see his dream fulfilled.Luke attends Christ Gospel Church in Parma, Ohio.


 James Harvey  plays the role of the Scarlet Assasin. Jim has hadsome film experience, along with a stint as the host of  Heidelberg College's TV show "Late Night at the Berg". Jim also has a variety of stage experience.  He has a B.F.A. in theatre arts from Heidelberg College. He is trained in stage combat, and is certified by the Society of American Fight Directors. He is currently a volunteer at his church, assisting in the drama team. Jim attends the Polaris Christian Church in Brunswick, Ohio.


 Heather Cooper plays the part of Rich Benton's girlfriend, Chris Mc-Coy. Heather has appeared in several plays including "The Sound of Music", "The Wizard of Oz" and "Hello Dolly".    She has also gone through modeling classes, which she  says has helped her with acting and presentation. She has also acted in several plays at her church. Heather attends the Medina United Methodist Church in Medina,Ohio.


  Jane Lanham plays the part of Brent's mother. Jane has appeared in several films, including the lead role in "Manic" from the New York Film Academy. She has also acted in many plays. She has studied acting at Moorpark  College, and the San  DiegoAppolaid Theatre. Jane lives in Simi Valley, California and attends church at Corner- stone Community Church in Simi Valley.


  Anna Keener  plays the part of the College Professor.Anna has been doing drama in her church for sixteen years, both in Ohio  where she lives with her husband, and in New Mexico. The dramas have been one person monologues, both straight drama and musicals.  Anna attends church at the Wadsworth Assembly of God in Wadsworth,Ohio.


Ryan Edward Cox plays the part of the College Administrator. Ryan has appeared in the film "Size Seven Red" as a detective, and was an extra in the film "Seabiscuit". Ryan has also been a radio deejay and has a variety of sport skills. He attends the west Carrolton Church of the Nazarene in Ohio. 



ROY SYMONDS plays the part of Detective Truth. Roy is very active in drama, appearing in such plays as "The Pirates of Penzance", "The Mikado", "HMS Pinafore", "A Down Home Christmas" and "1776". Over the past 7 years, Roy has been an active cast  member  in  the "Watch the Lamb"   passion  play at Grace Baptist Church. He has appeared in many roles,  including  both Saints  Peter and Paul and Caiaphis the High Priest. Roy attends Grace Baptist Church in Brunswick, Ohio.




    Joshua Holley plays the role of Brent. Joshua is the younger brother of Luke Scattergood, and also shares his talent and interest for acting. He has been in many plays, and has played  many roles from Roman Centurions to demons for various church productions.  Joshua attends Christ Gospel Church in Parma, Ohio

Steve Olson plays the role of Tom, the teen age thug. Steve is beginning to expand and add to his acting portfolio, which includes  a couple of TV roles, and acting workshop parts. Steve lives in Hudson, Ohio.



Christine Evans  plays the part of the college girl who is attacked by the teenage gang.    Christine has had acting classes both in a home school group called Harts for Jesus and in Christian Community School. She has appeared in numerous school  and church plays. Christine attends Gateway Church in Solon, Ohio.


John Martin is the Producer and Director of THE CARDINAL. John has been a self-taught filmmaker since 1972, and made his first Christian film in 1980. THE CARDINAL is his 12th Christian film. John's film ministry is New Parable Films, where he produces short films called "Video-Tracts",  a  new alternative to traditional Christian tracts with the added impact of video. John has been featured on the radio, and in the newspaper discussing his films. John lives in Medina, Ohio with his wife Donna, daughter Lauren, and their dog "April". He attends Pearlbrook Church of God in Cleveland, Ohio.

K.J.Kolka, (Kurt) wrote the script for THE CARDINAL, which is based on his comic book "The Cardinal Adventures". Kurt created the comic while attending Concordia College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After graduating with a B.A. degree, he continued to publish his comic in a Michigan newspaper. In 1990, as the doors opened for him, the comic was published in its own book, and is still published each summer by Sunday Comics Ministries. Inc. It is distributed free by Kurt's ministry. Kurt attends Friendship Church in Gaylord, Michigan.



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JANUARY 1, 2003

I received the "green light" to produce a live action film version of THE
CARDINAL ADVENTURES comic book which is drawn and distributed by K.J.Kolka
and his ministry Sunday Comics Ministries, Inc. He will write the script
based on his comic book characters.

FEBRUARY 6, 2003

K.J.Kolka has finished the script for the Cardinal film, and I now have it.
I will begin breaking it down to a shooting script. This will determine what
sort of locations I will need to find. Also, I will begin to put out a
casting call for the various roles needed.

MARCH 8, 2003

Script breakdown is completed. I have begun to cast some of the roles, and
scout out various locations. The villain in the film is the Scarlet
Assassin. We have determined that he will speak with a Russian accent. So I
have found a dialect coach (Matt Francis) to assist in the Russian accent.
He has taped the lines and sent them to me for use with the actor who will
play the Scarlet Assassin. The roles of Brent's Mom, the College
Administrator, the College Professor, Chris McCoy, the Scarlet Assassin, and
Rich/The Cardinal have all been cast.

JUNE 10, 2003

The scenes of Brent's Mom will be shot in California, and sent to me for
editing. Also the scenes of the College Administrator will be shot in
Dayton, Ohio and likewise be sent to me for editing. 2nd unit work is being
shot in Kentucky by Jason Dixon who assisted me on my last film THE ANSWER
which was filmed entirely in Kentucky.

The college girl who is attacked, and the older teen age thug roles have
been cast. That only leaves Brent and Detective Truth to cast yet.

JULY 2, 2003

The first scheduled date of principle photography to begin here, is July 25,
2003. I have received both the California footage and the Dayton footage.
Brent has been cast as of now. That still leaves Detective Truth. I have
several actors up for the part. I just have to make a final decision.

JULY 11, 2003

Picked up the base items for the Cardinal costume, and have begun to modify
the look. The costume needs to be complete by the end of August. I will need
to shoot scenes involving the Cardinal from that point on. I am making final
preparation for the July shoot. My plan is to shoot once a month for the
next 5-6 months. Edit and do special effects work over the winter months. In
the spring have an edited copy to sent to be scored and ready for release
sometime in 2004. Hopefully to coincide with the release of the next
Cardinal comic book for that year.

JULY 25, 2003

Principle filming has begun today. We filmed the interior dorm scenes, the
scenes where Chris McCoy gives Rich the Cardinal suit that she made him, and
the scenes with the college professor. Everything went very well, and we
accomplished what we set out to do on schedule and on time. Truly the Lord
has been involved with this production. Things are moving along nicely.
Everyone is very co-operative with allowing us to come to their various
locations and do the filming we need to do. I am very impressed and feel
very blessed.

The next tentative date for filming is the end of August. I'm not sure at
this time which scenes we will be filming, probably the exterior campus
scenes or the ending with the Scarlet Assassin by the river.

The role of Detective Truth has now been cast. So that concludes all the
parts for the film. I have a very talented cast and look forward to working
with them all.

JULY 29, 2003

Rick Evans has been brought on board as Special Effects Supervisor. Rick
will be over seeing the flying effects needed to give the Cardinal flight.
Rick has done this type of work before, and I look forward to his input and
working with him on the effects.

AUGUST 9, 2003

The next shoot date has been scheduled for Friday August 22, 2003. We will
be filming  more exterior school scenes, the accident that gives the
Cardinal his ability to fly, and various scenes with Detective Truth. Things
are progressing nicely, I was able to get the opening shots of the Cardinal
(bird) that had been so elusive up until now. Also I have been filming some
inserts and establishing shots in the interim of principle filming.

AUGUST 22,2003   Filming continued today with more campus scenes, the accident that gives the Cardinal flight and Detective Truth scenes. Filming went well, despite weather reports of 50% chance of rain, then changed to 30% and then 10% to NO RAIN AT ALL!!! God is good. Excellent cast helps tremendously! Next shoot tentatively scheduled for the end of September.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2003

Saturday September 27th is the next scheduled day of filming. We will be finishing up the exterior campus scenes with the teenage thugs. Also we will be filming the ending of the film: the final showdown between The Cardinal and the Scarlet Assassin.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

Well, we had our first major setback of the film. Although the weather (80% chance of rain) looked bleak, it rained all night Friday, and stopped approximately 1 hour before we were to shoot. The skies cleared and it was a beautiful day to film. Because of all the rain, the river was high and raging! It looked perfect for our climatic ending of the film. So what was the setback....50% of what we shot has to be re-filmed due to the fact that we have NO SOUND on it! Apparently the microphone at the river shoot was not plugged in all the way, and all the dialog is lost. Visually it looked good. I am so disappointed! And to make matters worse, the weather is getting away from me. I have to get this done within the next 2 weeks, or the footage will not match up to the rest of the film. I am scrambling to try and get everyone back on the 11th. If I lose my window, I won't be able to finish those scenes until spring or summer. I don't want to do that. Please pray that I can pull this off this year. The school scenes went very well, though. So I have all the outside shots in the can except the river scenes now.

OCTOBER 9, 2003

Saturday October 11th is the scheduled day of the river scenes re-shoots. The ending with the Scarlet Assassin also will be filmed. This will put us back on schedule with the film. The leaves have begun to change rapidly, but we should be able to get these scenes in without incident. Hopefully we will schedule another shoot on the 31st to complete our October shoot.

We are still trying to secure a location for the Assassin's office scenes. The one scheduled fell through due to some legal issues. Those scenes are scheduled to be filmed the end of November. Also, after those scenes are filmed, and by the end of December, I hope to have a 2minute trailer on this web site for THE CARDINAL. Stay tuned for further info on that. The music has already been delivered for the trailer, and work will begin on that shortly.

OCTOBER 13,2003:

Saturday's filming went well. We re-shot all the river scenes needed, and finished up the villain's scenes too. Weather was very co-operative. That concluded the major exterior scenes needed. So we managed to get everything in before the season changed too much here in Ohio. Now we move tour interior scenes. The next scheduled shoot is November 1, 2003.

NOVEMBER 1, 2003   We filmed the scenes today of the Detective's interrogation room. Things went really well, managed to get all the scenes accomplished, plus a few extras. All that remains now is the scenes in the Scarlet Assassin's office. We hope to film those later in the month. If that becomes a reality, that will complete the principle photography...ON SCHEDULE!!

NOVEMBER 22, 2003:   We wrapped up principle filming today, with the completion of the Scarlet Assassin's office scenes, on schedule!  Everything  went well, (even though we were afraid we were going to set off the sprinkler system with the smoke from the dynamite fuse!) All that remains to be filmed is the Blue screen SPX shots and some small inserts. Editing has begun already, and is rolling along nicely.
DECEMBER 13,2003

Post production on THE CARDINAL continues with the editing stage. Currently,
the first rough cut of the film is underway.

Talks have begun with music composer RANDALL HARP. I am trying to secure him
to score the film. He is very interested, and I am hopeful we will bring him onboard. You can visit his web site at <> .

Special Effects work will  finish up on Monday December 15th with the blue screen shots. Special Effect Supervisor Rick Evans will then begin composite shots of the blue screen and background plates for the Cardinal's flying sequences.

Publicity continues to grow for the film. Another web site has added a piece about the film You can check it out at <> .  Look under "Christian Comics International"

THE CARDINAL 2 minute trailer is complete. It will premiere on December26th, 2003 at the Polaris Christian Church (a converted movie theatre) in Brunswick, Ohio. The trailer will run before the premiere of another filmcalled THE ELEPHANT by Christian filmmaker Nick Staron of Glowing NoseProductions ( <> ) . The same
theatre has offered to premiere THE CARDINAL next summer. Details on that will be forthcoming. I hope to have the same trailer on this web site eventually too.

Graphic artist/designer SIMON JONES (<> )  is finishing up the new, updated version of my film logo. It looks fantastic! Afterwards, he will be designing the video cover/poster art for THE CARDINAL. Images of that  will be on the site
as soon as it is available.

JANUARY 17, 2004:

A rough edit of the film is complete minus the flying effects and end credits. Run time should be approximately 35-40 minutes.

The summer 2004 issue of CARDINAL ADVENTURES comics (due out in June) will contain a prominent interview/article about the Cardinal film. Copies will be available for free (only pay for shipping) from Sunday Comics Ministries ( <> ) .

The final design for the poster/video cover art has been selected. The image is being fine tuned, and will be available on this site very soon. Keep watching.

Here is the tentative schedule building up to the film's release:

              January 31, 2004..............Finished edit of the film, minus the flying effects.
             February 29, 2004.............Special effects shots completed and sent to me to be inserted in the film.
             March 31, 2004.................Film music completed and sent back to me for insertion into the film.
             April  30, 2004..................Final version of film comple ted, ready for duplication.
             June 1, 2004....................THE CARDINAL is released on video to the public and fans!

FEBRUARY 5, 2004   The poster art is now in the photo section of this web site. It was designed by Simon Jones who is also now doing the special effects work on the film. It looks really cool...check it out!   The film is progressing nicely, special effects work is moving along. I hope to have the footage in my possession by the middle of March.

FEBRUARY 18, 2004:

I have received the Special Effects sequences from my effects man in Texas.
They look great! They will be placed into the film in the appropriate places
soon. I hope to have the finished film ready to send to California to be
scored by the end of March.

This is not official, but a comic book artist out of Youngstown, Ohio is
interested in producing a comic book adaptation of THE CARDINAL film. The
script has been sent to him for consideration.

March 17, 2004:

Editing has been completed on the Cardinal movie. Running time is
approximately 35 minutes. The film will now be sent off to California to be
scored by music composer Randall Harp. Stay tuned for progress reports.

The Cardinal film will be honored in another magazine interview. Christian
comic magazine, MEGAZEEN will be featuring an interview/article  about The
Cardinal movie and myself. I was quite  surprised and honored that they
wanted to do the interview. It will featured in an upcoming issue. More
details will be available as it comes in.

APRIL 13, 2004:

I have been approached by the folks at JC-TV in California (kind of an MTV station for young Christians) that is sponsored by TBN. They are planning to do a segment for their show on Christian comics, and they want to include THE CARDINAL movie in that segment. I have sent them some material, and the
trailer for the film. What a great opportunity to promote the film! Watch for more info as I get it.

The scoring is progressing along. I have heard a 30 second clip of the Cardinal theme. I am still hoping to have the music complete by the end of April.

MAY 19, 2004:

THE CARDINAL is finished...finally! The film is being packaged and will be ready for release on June 1, 2004. Keep watching this web site for the official release and order information. The film runs 36 minutes and is available on VHS only at this time.

In case you just came in...THE CARDINAL is a live action film based on America's longest running Christian comic book super hero. The comic book called "The Cardinal Adventures" was created by K.J.Kolka, and  is published by Sunday Comics Ministries. It is distributed FREE each year. To order copies of the comic, visit them online at <> .

   The Cardinal is college student Rich Benton, who while searching for direction in his life from God, discovers he has been given the ability to fly. That is the only "super power" he has. Everything else comes from his reliance and guidance from God. You will see how he gets his flying powers after an accident involving a chemical spill. You will see how, with the help of Detective Truth, they expose a teen age crime ring led by the notorious Scarlet Assassin. Be sure to pick up a copy of this faithful adaptation of the comic book, THE CARDINAL: Hero With a Heart!

There have been articles written about the film both in the latest issue of MEGAZEEN comic magazine and the new issue of THE CARDINAL ADVENTURES. Be sure to order your copy of this year's comic adventure.  You can contact K.J.Kolka to order your comics at .

JUNE 8, 2004:

THE CARDINAL film is now available. Click on the links on the Cardinal web page for ordering information. We also now have a printable order sheet you can use when ordering videos.

THE CARDINAL (2004) actually is not the first time the comic super hero has made it to film format! K.J.Kolka, the creator and cartoonist of The Cardinal Adventures comic strip, actually has made 4 Cardinal films on 8mm film when he was in college! The titles were as follows:
1) The Cardinal (1979)
2) Return of the Cardinal (1979)
3) Triumph of the Cardinal (1980)
4) The Cardinal: Tann's Treasure (1981)

THE CARDINAL video is also available at select Christian bookstores in the Gaylord, Michigan area. Tell  your bookstore about the Cardinal video and that you want them to carry it. Contact us at this address:


June 30, 2004:

The Medina County Gazette will be running an article about THE CARDINAL video and comic book on Saturday July 3rd. So, if you are local here in Ohioand have access to the Gazette, check it out.

I have been approached by Triumph Movie Network out of California for possible airing of THE CARDINAL on their satellite stations. I have sent them a screener copy for  evaluation. If accepted, the film would be show twice in July and twice in September. More news as it comes in.

THE CARDINAL also will quite possible be shown at the San Diego Comic Con in July. This is an international comic convention, with people from all over the world attending.

July 29, 2004:

What are people saying about  THE CARDINAL live action movie? Here's a sample:

"You did an excellent job on that movie. I am very proud of it. It really carries the spirit of the comic. Lucas was perfect as Rich Benton, he IS The Cardinal. I recommend it to all Cardinal fans."
-    K.J.Kolka (Gaylord, Michigan)
Creator/Writer  of The Cardinal Adventures Comic

"I got my copy of The Cardinal. The flying scenes were outstanding. Good work."
-Dave Twitchell (Merlin, Oregon)

"Fast paced...Action packed!"
                -Scott Maruna
                 Aristocrat Farms, Inc. (Sagamore Hills, Ohio)

"I loved it! So did my husband! If you make a sequel, I want one."
                                                           -Diana Metter (Litchfield, Ohio)

"I got The Cardinal video and sat down and watched it. It is a really good movie! I just wanted to compliment you on the job you did with it. It was the best 36 minutes or so that I have seen in a while."
-Jason Dixon (Frankfort, Kentucky)

"You have to start somewhere. The Cardinal is already groundbreaking...the FIRST Christian superhero movie!!! Let's pray for The Cardinal. It's always toughest being the pioneer...the first!!!"
                                                                       -E mail message (Yahoo Comics Group)

"...There was something special in the concept and char acter to interest these filmmakers in spending the time, energy and money to bring The Cardinal to life in film. These filmmakers also specialize in producing short films or "video-tracts" for churches to use. The film isn't slated to hit the silver screen. But I can definitely see it being used for children's Sunday School or Vacation Bible Schools. I think that Kurt Kolka and New
Parable Films are on the right track to reaching their target audiences...they are going in the direction God is leading them in and He is blessing their faithfulness."
                                -Bud Rogers
                                 Christian Comics Arts Society