Yo!! As you can tell by the title this website is geared towards teens, however anyone is welcome to hook up with it!!

No I am not a teenager, but pretty much I've been there and done that!

Why "Teens on Tract"?? Several years ago I was in a near death car accident. A driver of an 18 wheeler decided he would go through a red light & unfortunately I was in his way. If it was not for my Lord's hand of protection that day I would not be here today. It was during my four months of recuperating & spending lots of time in the Lord's presence that He placed it upon my heart to write tracts for teenagers & He also gave me the name "Teens on Tract".

My goal is to help any of you make the right choice, seek the right answer, take the right path, but most of all give you direction to the way, the truth, and the light - JESUS CHRIST!!

I pray that many will check our this website "Teens on Tract", and should you want to drop me a line with any comments or questions you may do so at "canadiens_fan_52@msn.com". Best of all , if you have accepted Jesus Christ in your heart, I would really like to hear from you, so please write to tell me so I can pray for you!

Please know that all the tracts that you read on"Teens on Tract" are inspired by the Holy Spirit, without His guidance I could write nothing. Let it also be known that it's only through the Blood of the Lamb that you receive salvation, there's no other way!

Most important in everything that I do to God Almighty and His only Son Jesus Christ be the glory & to them alone!!

Just one last footnote, I really do like hockey, & the Montreal Canadiens are my favorite team, therefore I welcome hockey fans as well to write, but please remember that this website is about Jesus Christ for He's the most important thing in my life!!

(print each tract on opposite sides of one piece of paper, cut where indicated and fold---and be bold in your witnessing!)

"Just Do It"
........In the world, there is a lot of pressure to conform--to "fit in" with the crowd. "If everyone else drinks or smokes or cheats on a test--you should too". This tract gives teens the better alternative--"fit in" with Jesus...........click here to download this tract

"I Can't Get No Satisfaction".......Have you tried everything in this world to satisfy? Drinking, smoking, drugs--all with a price--and none give anything but temporary relief. Only Jesus can satisfy--and his gift is free!................click here to download this tract

"Been There.....Done That!" .................Being a teen-ager is all about choices. The choices made today can effect the rest of your life. this tract presents the Gospel as the greatest choice that anyone can make, and every teen needs to make.............click here to download this tract

"The Choice"............Jesus is a choice. God does not force anyone to believe in Him.  Teens are making a lot of important choices in their life--but the greatest choice is simply to say "yes" to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.............click here to download this tract

"Body Piercing"...........Something that everyone is doing--should you? This tract testifies to teens about a Savior who was pierced--not to "fit in"--but to save the world.............click here to download this tract


I am a Canadian by birth, but have lived in the states the majority of my life. When I was nine years old, we moved to the states, Maine to be exact. This was quite a trauma for me as I was unable to speak a word of English (I spoke only French), therefore it was very difficult for me to communicate & make any friends. This situation caused me to become quite withdrawn & shy.

However when I went off to college all of that seem to change when I had my first shot of booze & really liked it!! The more I drank, the looser I got, & it seemed to transform me into the life of the party!! Not only that I would also smoke cigs as it made me look so cool as well as making me fit in with the in crowd. At some parties I went to, they would smoke pot, so naturally I would take a drag or two when they passed the joint around!!

After graduating from college I kept drinking 'cuz the booze help me forget about my insecurities. It was then that I had many lustful relationships. I was somebody & they cared about me, so they said & I believed it.

When I met my future husband, although I was still drinking, a new relationship did begin. As my future husband was not of the Catholic faith, we had to go through alot of "red tape" so to speak in order for us to get married in the Church. After all we went through, I thought there has to be more to life than just making it day by day.

Went to a Church of God where I was told about someone who loved me just as I was, someone who died for all my sins, & i could spend eternity with Him by simply accepting Him in my heart!! Wow!!! How great would that be! Let me tell you that accepting JESUS CHRIST as my Personal Savior was the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my life!!

Once I accepted Jesus in my heart, I no longer had a desire to drink, He was ALL I needed! "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things become new." - 2 Corinthians 5:17

What about you do you want to become a new creature in Christ??

Your friend in Jesus,