“So you want to know how I know the Bible is true?” he asks.

    You confirm it. “That’s right”.

    “First I need to explain something,” he begins. “It is actually true that there is no way to physically prove that God, angels, heaven, hell, and other things really exist. I do believe that you can study God indirectly by observing His creation, just like you can see the wind indirectly; that is, you see its effects but not the wind itself. But besides that, there are many reasons why we should trust what He says about everything.”

    “But just how do you know you can trust the Bible?” you repeat.

    “Well, that’s just it. Why do you trust anyone or anything? For example, do you know of anybody who you always trust and who you never doubt is telling the truth?”

    “Yes, I know someone like that,” you say, thinking back to an old friend.i

    “But do you trust them even when you have no way to prove if they’re telling the truth?”

    “Of course I do.”

    “Why do you?”

    “Because whenever I can check if they’re telling the truth, they are.”

    “You’ve got it.” Go to page 28.