I understand,” he replies.

The young man finally decides to stop trying, and you both stop talking. Just over an hour later, your plane lands at its destination, you say goodbye to the young man, and you move on with your life.

As the years go by, you occasionally think back to that conversation you had, but you always manage to find a way to push it aside and stop thinking about it.

You end up having a very successful life; you get a high-paying job, a loving family, and eventually a comfortable retirement. Then one day, unexpectedly…

You die.  d

Suddenly you realize that you are somehow still conscious. You feel your soul being yanked out of your body and quickly pulled away to some faraway place. You are terrified as you begin to feel intense heat all over. You realize that you will tragically be forever in this horrible place where “the fire is not quenched,1” where you will endlessly be facing the penalty for

your sins.

The end.

(You may want to try again, but remember, you’ll have no extra tries in real life.)

1 – Mark 9:48