You see,” he goes on, “there are many times that we can check if the Bible is true. First, it accurately explains human nature: how all people do bad things from birth because of an innate problem we have called ‘sin.’ I mean,

do you have to teach children to fight or to be selfish or rebellious?”d

They tend to pick that up on their own,” you remark..

Right. Also, did you know that hundreds, even thousands of years before Jesus came to earth, it said in the older part of the Bible, the Old Testament, that a Savior would come who would be born of a virgin1 in Bethlehem2, be a de-scendant of King David3, perform miracles4, be rejected by his own people5, and suffer horribly to pay for humanity’s sins6? Sound familiar?”d

It sounds a lot like Jesus,” you reply.

And this: in the Bible God said that the Israelites (or Jews) would be scat-tered over the entire earth7, yet God would not abandon his chosen people, but would someday regather them from the ends of the earth8. In the history of the world, there has never been any other people group dispersed for thousands of years that has maintained its identity, language, and its land, yet as we speak, the Jews are regathering back into Israel – speaking Hebrew! That reminds me, d

historical and archaeological evidence in Israel back up the Bible too.

One more thing:” he continues, “the Bible was written by around forty different authors in many countries over a span of 1,500 years, yet it all has the same message, which adds up to a great testimony of its truthfulness.”

And what is that message?” you ask. Go to page 22.

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