So you believe in reincarnation then?” he says.

That’s right,” you confirm. “What we are in this life is determined by karma: how morally we acted in our previous life.”

So if I am good now I should reincarnate as a powerful person or something along those lines in the next life, but if I am a bad person…?”

Then you might reincarnate as a poor person, or even an animal.”

That’s a very unique belief,” he comments. “But one question, how exactly do you know that reincarnation is real?”

I’ve seen lots of evidence,” you say. “There are many people

who still know things from their past lives. Things like how they

died, what their names were, and so on.”

Okay. But do you trust everyone’s memory? Human memory can be very unreliable, you know, with people often forgetting things that happened, or sometimes thinking they remember things that didn’t actually happen. Besides, we are exposed to lots of movies and books about people from other times and places nowadays, so it isn’t unusual that some people might dream of having been a cowboy or a knight, for example.”

It still seems reasonable to me,” you respond. “I feel it must be true.”

No offense, but I don’t think it’s wise to bet your eternal destiny on a feeling. God says in his word ‘it is appointed for men to die once, and after this comes judgment.1’ It would be nice if we had many tries, but he says we don’t.”

What else does your God say?” you ask. Go to page 22.d

1 – Hebrews 9:27