It looks like Joseph is in real trouble. Someone rose up against him and sold him into slavery. This is a bad thing, and would give Joseph a very hard life.
God lets this happen but Joseph does not walk alone. Look who is with Joseph, right in back of him, it is Jesus!!!
Every step Joseph had to take into the pit, Jesus took those steps with him. Jesus just let it look like Joseph was going to be defeated, but He was waiting to give him a really big promotion later. Do you know what a promotion is??
Its being someplace better than you were before. Lets see how that happened in Josephs life.
Later Joseph became a ruler in all of Egypt next to Pharoah and was able to help many people. This was Gods plan all along. Something bad turns into something wonderful.
We can trust Jesus to turn our bad things into good things too. When we are His children.,our life is in His hands and nothing is out of His control.

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