Free childrens' books....

"Will The Flowers Leave The Garden?"..............Mother falls asleep in the garden, and the flowers come to life! This delightful Christ-centered fantasy story will charm both young and old (thank you Ruth for sharing your wonderful gift of writing!).....(download and print by clicking here)....

 "Dusty of the American Crew"..........A free children's book brought about by a dream. An adventurous tale that travels to outer space and reveals pain, purpose and destiny in God.

"Floatyland".....Read this free Christian children's book. It's all about salvation----based on the story of Noah--and great fun for anyone to read.

Children's Pages!

We hope you will enjoy these children's web pages. They are little Bible studies for young folks to read and tell the simple lessons of how great and wonderful God is. These pages are meant to encourage youngsters to pray and ask God for help when they need it. The people in the Bible are our example of prayer and reliance on God--something we all need every day. We hope you will be blessed--thank you Jesus!






Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego