Noah looks so sad. God has told him there will be a big flood soon. He has built the big ark for all to be safe. But no one wants to enter the ark.
They are laughing at Noah, but really they do not believe God. This makes Noah very sad. He is sad that his friends will not be safe.
The kitty cat and the other animals believe God, and they will be safe.
Think of how brave Noah and his family are. They are listening to God when no one else around them will.
It looks like Noah is all alone, with no one on his side but the kitty cat.
But really God is with Him, God is standing right beside him, even if we cannot see Him. That is how it is when we obey God, He stands right beside us to help us. Even in the rain, and the sad days, He is right there.
Noah stands there in the rain, with his friends laughing at him, yes, it makes him sad, but He does not give up, God is with Him.
God has given him courage and strength to finish building the ark, and God will give us courage to do what He asks of us.
When we have to finish our homework,or a job for our parents, lets ask God to help us finish.
We can learn alot from Noah.
If someone laughs at us, or it is a sad time, lets ask God to strengthen us,like He did for Noah.
Noah and his family, and the animals believed God and His goodness, will you too??

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