If we were to study a map of the world at that time, we would see, that right next to Floatyland, was another country called Sinkyland.


The people who lived in Sinkyland made fun of the people in Floatyland.

"How silly!" they would say. "Wearing floatys all the time, rain or shine!" "Ha, Ha Ha, how silly, how silly!" and then they would ask, "Why do you do it?"

"Because God told us to." was the reply, "Would you like a floaty too?"


"Ha, Ha, Ha, no thanks, we don't need that, we're just fine!" was all that the Sinkyland people would chime.


Now, one day, it started to rain.


But not just the regular rain-no not at all. It was rain like no one had ever seen before, rain and rain, more and more!