Holiday Tracts

1. Download and save each tract. Some are formatted as 2 page documents--some have a seperate 'side A and B' (so make sure you download both sides)

2. Print the 2 pages on opposite sides of the same piece of paper.

3. Cut where indicated, and fold so the cover faces forward.

4. Witness the Gospel to everyone you meet!

Christmas Tracts

<>"The Greatest Gift".........We all love to give and receive gifts at Christmas. Have you received the greatest gift of all? Do you know that salvation, eternal life, Heaven itself, has been purchased for you, as a gift? It's a "free gift"! here to download this tract........this tract is also available in Bulgarian, click here for free download

"Christmas"........The Christmas Good News Letter explains the true meaning of Christmas.  The Wise Men gave gifts to Jesus because they believed He was the here to download this tract
"Christmas tract #2".........God the Father gave us the free gift of salvtion thru faith in Jesus His Son. But like any gift, salvation must be received. Christmas is a wonderful time to witness the Gospel--do it with this here to download this tract

What is the Real Meaning of Christmas?........People are busy, buying lots of stuff, planning parties, is this really what Christmas is all about? here to download this tract

"The True Meaning of Christmas"----Download this free Christmas tract today. We as believers know the real meaning of Christmas--the Savior is born--God became a man--to save us ALL! The world celebrates a holiday that can easily disregard Jesus! Use this tract to remind people what this day is really all about. here to download side "A" here to download side "B"

Christmas Peace 4 You

A baby was born a very long time ago in Bethlehem. A small thing. A common thing, but not in the eyes of God! All the promises of God were in that little babe, all the blessings, and all the peace we need so very much in these troubled days. This is a wonderful booklet to share with others at the holiday part "A" part "B"

Easter Tracts

 "My Easter Peace 4 U"............Jesus died to give us peace. To restore man's releationship with God. This peace can't be bought or sold--only received freely, by here to download this tract

"Easter"........For the Easter season, a tract that tells about the fresh start that only Jesus can here to download this tract

"Easter tract #2"........Is Easter just all about eggs and bunnies? Well, they do represent new life---which is exactly what the Easter season is about--the new life found only in knowing our Saviour Jesus here to download this tract

Jesus Is Alive!.........Here is a free salvation tract for the Easter season. The clear simple message that we must confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart that He is risen---that Jesus is alive! (This tract is available in Adobe acrobat format)--download side "A" side "B"

Easter Peace 4U

At Easter we celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The message of Easter is simply that Jesus is alive, and because He lives, all those who believe in Him also shall live. Jesus made the way for salvation through the forgiveness from sin with His precious blood offering at the cross. He opened the way for God's Spirit to dwell among men. These are very very BIG things, and we all ought to know them, understand them, and share them with others. This booklet will help you do just by clicking here

Halloween Tracts

"Halloween".........Halloween is NOT a Christian holiday! The Bible tells us not to have anything to do with witches, wizards or psychics. Why should we not participate in Halloween? Because it hurts God---and it could hurt us! here to download this tract
"Halloween tract #2"..........Is it right to dress up like a witch or wizard or a dead thing on halloween? Absolutely not! Besides--it's a whole lot more fun to put on the new man--to be the new creation--that only comes from knowing here to download this tract

"Halloween Tracts" An assortment of 3 tracts that explain what Halloween is really about---and are meant to lead young people  to understand Jesus as here to download side "A" here to download side "B"

Other Holiday Tracts

"God Bless America".........This tract is great for witnessing on holidays like Fourth of July--Memorial Day--Veterans Day--or just any day! It gives the salvation message to Americans. We are blessed in this nation--but are we giving God the glory? Or are we abusing our freedom--and forgetting the "grace" that He has shed upon us? here to download this tract

"Pentecost"..........Jesus died and was resurrected, ascended up to heaven---but did not leave us alone! He gave us the power of the Holy Spirit--the Guide---the Co mforter--the power of God for us to live by and overcome the here to download this tract
"Pentecost tract #2.........Pentecost is the birthday of the church. This tract gives the invitation that we as Christans are meant to share with everyone we meet--the Gospel! here to download this tract

"Advent"..........Jesus is coming again soon-----we must tell the world to come unto Him. This tract will help you to have the Word of God that saves--right in your hand--to share with the here to download this tract
"Advent tract #2"............Jesus is the "light of  the world"--and He is coming back again. Advent is all about the coming of our Lord---the message we all need to tell the  here to download this tract

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