Tracts To Share With Homosexuals

ALL of us have sinned. Homosexuality is a sin, but it is no greater or worse than any other sin. This is the true and simple message the Bible contains and everyone needs to know. Yes we are all sinners, so ALL of us need a Savior--Jesus! People who are practicing a homosexual lifestyle are playing a dangerous game and need to understand the truth, but in a way that will lead them to fully understand the greatest love that God has for them--the fact that Jesus has paid the price for sin and given the free gift of eternal life to everyone who will believe.

We as Christians are called to speak the truth in love. We humbly pray that these tracts will help and encourage you to speak with love and truth to homosexuals.

Were You Born A Homosexual?.......Many people feel as if homosexuality is something they were born with. This is a tricky subject! All of us were born with sin, which makes us think wrong things are right. We were all born with sin, but only through faith in Jesus Christ can we become born here to download this tract

The Bible Does Not Just Bash Gays, It Bashes Everybody!.........Homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible. In our day and age some try to suggest that this is cruel or insulting to say, but it is simply the truth. The greater truth is that everyone is called a sinner by the laws contained in the Bible. The full Bible message is that we are all sinners and we all need a here to download this tract

The Difference Between Lifestyle and Temptation............Sin is something we are all tempted with. Every day Christians are tempted by sin and all of us fall to temptation. God understands our temptations and is ready to forgive us when we confess them to Him. The only real mistake we can make is to believe that a sin is not a sin and to believe it is correct to practice a sin as a here to download this tract

Sin Hurts Someone........ Some sins are easy to understand.  For example, God says "thou shalt not murder", and it is very clear that someone gets hurt when the sin of murder occurs. Sin hurts someone, it hurts God, and it takes authority over another person's life. So how does homosexuality hurt someone? here to download this tract

The Godly Aspects Of A Homosexual Relationship........Homosexuality is a tricky subject. The truth is that it can be entwined with some Godly aspects. There is nothing wrong with two men or two women loving one another, or being friends together. But the spiritual force of sin can trick people into carrying these Godly gifts into something that is here to download this tract