Many people have sent us testimonies of what God has done in their lives. It is amazing what God can do! Sne dus your testimony and we will make it into a tract for you to share.

Rachael's Tract........This tract was written by a young lady who has overcome many obstacles in order to be a believer, and to serve God and share the Gospel with others. This is a great tract to share with here to download

Emma Grace.......Emma Grace was a beautiful baby. She was only here for a few short months and the Lord took her home to Heaven. Her story will minister to you and help you understand God's great here to download

The Stain.......An inspiring poem written from a mother to her son leads to Jesus as Lord and here to download

My Story.......A true and honest testimony of a young woman's journey from being a "church-goer" to truly understanding Jesus and His great here to download

"What God has done for me, He will do for you!"........A  true and real testimony about the miraculous change that Jesus Christ can do in a person's here to download this tract

"My Personal Experiences In Heaven"...........This is the amazing testimony of a woman who was given an incredible trip to heaven while her physical body was dead for 4 days! What is most amazing is that she did not know how to read and yet all her testimony lines up with scripture! here to download.............This testimony booklet now available in here to download
****This testimony is now available as an easily printed here to 3

My Story of How I Found Jesus...........Read this wonderful testimony of how God has lead and helped and healed someone through their here to download this tract

Oh, To Have A Friend!......Once there was a shy young girl, who could not find a friend. Until the day came when she met the greatest Friend of here to download this tract

"9 Years of Running From The Lord"........This very powerful testimony tells the true story of someone who was in and out of prison, and "using God like a yo-yo"--until one day he came to the Lord and did not look here to download this tract

"True Forgiveness".........A very powerful testimony tract of the miraculous change that Jesus can bring into the life of a here to download this tract