These are special tracts, aimed at specific needs. We believe in a God who heals and delivers as well as saves. He loves everyone and He needs all of us to serve Him.

"Abused But Not Abandoned"......A young woman named Christine relates her testimony
, and leads to a wonderful invitation to accept Jesus as here to download this tract

"THIS BLOOD'S FOR YOU".......This tract is specifically designed to be used to witness to people who are having difficulty with alcohol.  Download and print this tract and distribute it near your local liquor store or bar. It simply tells people that Jesus can break addiction, and set us free from the downward spiral of here to download this tract

"A FREE GIFT FOR SMOKERS".......This tract is specifically designed to be used to witness to smokers. God does not anyone addicted to this life-threatening habit--and we need to intervene as believers in a God who heals.  There are 2 versions of this tract, one designed for here to download this tract..............And a second version for here to download this tract

"What God Says About Being Boy Crazy"...........God made men and women to be attracted to one another, and to be married to one another. The world and sin can lead us in wrong directions in this area unless we know what God here to download this tract

FREE CAR WASH TRACT......Download his free tract to use at your church's free car wash! How does this work? A great idea to outreach the Gospel to your community is to give a free car wash. While you give folks a car wash you can witness the Gospel and give them a tract that explains the "free gift" of salvation! What are you waiting for? All you need is a bucket, some sponges, and this free tract! side "A" side "B"

Jewish Outreach.......These tracts are directed toward God's chosen people. They utilize the scriptures found in the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) or as the Jewish people call their Bible, the Holy Scriptures. Jesus and His salvation is to be found everywhere in the Bible. Our Jewish friends need to see who their Messiah really is, Jesus, and that He is also the Savior of the Gentiles. These tracts are taken from Old Testament scriptures containing the ancient prophecies concerning the First Coming of the Messiah. They describe Jesus (Yeshua, His name in Hebrew) in detail without mentioning His name directly. The reason for this is that we want the Jewish person to arrive at the conclusion himself that Jesus is spoken of in these Old Testament prophecies. It is suggested that you study and print out the 1 page booklet (printed on both sides of one paper), How To Share Jesus In A Jewish Way, seen below. It describes how to witness to Jewish people and gives a description of each verse used in the tract. This tract is ideal to accompany your witness to a Jewish friend. You would be able to point out these messianic prophecies giving evidence that Jesus is the Messiah from their Bible. This is what Jesus did in witnessing to his own Jewish people, pointing out his identity in the Old Testament messianic prophecies. After they have read the tract, refer to Luke 24:44 and other NewTestament verses about salvation.

free tracts:

"Messiah In The Hebrew Bible" .........English.....

"The Hebrew  Bible".....English.......Russian........Portuguese........French...........Spanish......

"Eternity Your Final Destination"......This tract also relates the Gospel to our Jewish friends in a loving in English.......

"How To Recognize The Messiah"..... in English.......

The "How To Share Jesus In A Jewish Way" booklet is available for download in.......English.......

free E-tracts (to send in an e-mail or cell-phone):

"Messiah In The Hebrew Bible" .........English.......Hebrew....

"How To Recognize The Messiah" in English.......

"Eternity Your Final Destination" in English.......

"Star of David"......

"Portrait of Messiah".....

"Isaiah 53"......

"The Scapegoat"......

"Salvation Song"....

"The Split Arrow"...

"World on Fire"...


A CHRISTIAN APOLOGY TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE............The God given words of this booklet, written with love, are a long over due Christian apology from the grass roots to the Jewish people. There are many Christians who will agree and, indeed all over the world, will want to stand with you, the people of Israel, in these difficult times. For too many years there has been a lack of compassion, little support from the Church and a long, long SILENCE.  On behalf of Christians who feel this is the truth, we are profoundly sorry and at the same time deeply grateful for the heritage received from God s Chosen People. We truly believe God's word, spoken to the Old Testament prophets, will be fulfilled. "You will show Your faithfulness and perform the sure promise to Jacob and loving-kindness and mercy to Abraham, as You have sworn to our fathers from the days of old." Micah 7: 20
"Yerushalayim shall be to Me a name of joy, a praise and a glory before all the nations of the earth that hear of all the good I do for it." Jeremiah 33: 9a here to download the text of this Christian apology as a printable booklet

YOURS ALONE..... A healing poem inspired to heal our perspective on life when we are feeling dissatisfaction.  by Laura this as  a by clicking here

Here are inspirational poems that you may download and duplicate. They are really "witnessing poems" as they are all about the wonderful Gospel of  our Lord, who has saved us and delivered us with His work upon the cross. We hope they bless you and help you carry the message of salvation to others................

download............ "Adrift At Sea"........"I Remember You"........ "Morning Dawns"............"The Eyes of God"........... "The Bridge"............................ "As It Was Written"............"Clouds Of Red"............"Freedom".........."Little Black Eyes"............"Take My Will Lord"......"Only A Man"......."My Will Be Done"........"Today Christ Calls"........."Living Soul"........"Near and Far"........"From Darkness To Light"........."Today".........."A Clear Stellar Night"........."Time"........"My Desire Is To Know You Lord"....."Footsteps On The Water"....."Most Important To Me"........"He Suffered For Me"........"The Knowledge of Man".........."Help Me"..........."Neither Do I Condemn Thee"......."The Glory of God".........."The Battle"..........."Here I Am Again"........."A Dream In The Night"......"Shifting Sand"........"A Purpose"..........."Thanksgiving"......."The Table Is Spread"......."Infinite Wisdom"........"A Mustard Seed of Faith........"The Eastern Sky"........"It Is Finished"........."The Name of Jesus"........."Tears of Rain"..........."At The Altar Were Two"........."Upon your word I rest"

."Is This A Funeral or A Home Going?"
"Locked Up But Not Locked Out"
"G-A-N-G-S Are Not God's Solutions"

"Body Piercing"...........Something that everyone is doing--should you? This tract testifies to teens about a Savior who was pierced--not to "fit in"--but to save the here to download this tract

"I Can't Get No Satisfaction".......Have you tried everything in this world to satisfy? Drinking, smoking, drugs--all with a price--and none give anything but temporary relief. Only Jesus can satisfy--and his gift is free! here to

"What to do when you are deserted by loved ones"...........Life can be hard. Circumstances can destroy the closest relationships.  But there is one relationship that lasts forever.  Turn to here to download this tract

"What To Do When Trouble Hits Your Life"..............Everyone has trouble at times. But God wants us to hang on, stay in faith, and trust here to download this tract

"Loneliness"............Many feel alone in this world---but God never leaves us or forsakes us--if we just ask Him here to download this tract

"Lukewarm Christians".............Are you allowing God to use you---or--do you use God? Do you just show up to church, and think you've done everything God "requires" of you? here to download this tract

"After Receiving Jesus"...........This short booklet gives good sound Biblical advice on what the new believer needs to here to download this here to download this tract in French

"How To Identify False Religion".......If we truly used the Bible as our guide, would your church fit the bill? This tract will give many of us something to think about and understand. God is bigger than our ideas and traditions! here to download this Bible study

"Biblical Perspectives
"......What does the Bible say about such current topics as abortion, homosexuality, stem cell research and same-sex marriage? here to download this tract

Are You Just Coming Back To The Lord After Being Away?......This tract is meant for people who may have known about God and walked away for a time. God is a God of second chances, His mercy endures forever! here to download this tract

What Is The Answer To Loneliness.......God has an answer to all our problems, including loneliness. He is there in all our troubles and here to download this tract

Comforting Scriptures......The Bible contains so much to encourage and comfort here to download this here to download this Bible study with smaller print

Are You In A Storm?..........In this life we will all face difficulties. But these are the times when God can help and heal and deliver us from our all our problems! here to download this tract

What To Consider Before Having An Abortion.......This tract speaks clearly to women who are in this position. God loves every child He sends to this here to download this tract

Thinking Of Having An Abortion?........This tract speaks to women who are in that situation, with love, and a true testimony of God's help, strength, and here to download this tract

For Women With A Family.......It is great Godly service to grow and family and care for a household. Women need God's help every here to download this tract

Who Is The Authority In Your Life?........Who is the head of your house and your life? Is it Jesus? here to download this tract

Healing Scriptures.......You can ask God to heal you if you are sick. The Bible is God's book of promises and one of His blessings is here to download this here for a large print version

God's Word To Believers...........Some Bible advice for believers to follow and here to download this here to download both God's Word tracts together

References To Jesus' Coming.........Yes Jesus will return! The Bible is clear--are you ready for Him? here to download this tract

The Power of the Tongue.......Our words are powerful and we can choose to use this power for good, or bad! God wants us to use our tongue to praise Him and share His here to download this tract

Which Bible Are You Reading?........The King James Bible is the most accurate translation of the here to download this tract

Bringing Up Children.........Parenting is one of the greatest challenges that God gives, and it is also one of His greatest blesssings, if we follow His here to download this tract

How To Get Your Healing...........You can be healed. God wants you to receive your healing. He simply needs you to believe in Him and His power. The Bible is full of healing scriptures and this tract contain many of them to meditate here to download this tract

Healing........The Word of God says that you can be healed. The Word is like medicine, it needs to be taken and used properly for it to work, and yes it does work! here to download this tract

Where To Go For Help........Do you think you are helpless in your problems…that there is nothing you can do, or nowhere you can go for help? Jesus is waiting for you to go to Him for help! here to download this tract

Are You Afraid?.......Fear is not from God! He gave us power to have a sound mind and health--and no fear. And all these blessings are found in here to download this tract

How To Witness..........The people in the New Testament Church were filled with the Holy Spirit, and followed God's call to witness the Gospel. The Bible tells us to preach the Gospel to every living creature...are you? here to download this tract

If We Are Forgiven, Why Do We Still Let The Devil Accuse Us?.....After you accept Christ, the Devil wants to stop you from spreading the Gospel. One of his tricks is guilt and condmenation--know what the Bible says about this! here to download this tract

Heal ing Can Be Yours In The Name Of Jesus.......Yes you can be healed! Jesus loves you and He wants you to agree with His Word that says you can be healed in every way! here to download this Bible here to download this Bible study with smaller print

Are You Depressed... here to download this Bible here to download this Bible study with smaller print

Have You Been Sexually Abused?......... here to download this Bible here to download this Bible study with smaller print

Are You Thinking About Killing Yourself? here to download this Bible here to download this Bible study with smaller print

Welcome to reading these messages written just 4 U, using verses from the Holy Scriptures.There are five messages altogether for you to read, preferably by yourself, in your own quiet place.The titles are as follows:







Each message is complete on its own and gives the Reader, may be a thirsting soul, an opportunity to drink in the comfort and peace of God's word as you rest in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

May you receive in your spirit His manifold blessings, growing in His grace, as you read the ancient words of the Bible, from both the Old and New Testaments, with their message of Hope in the love of God, by the modern means of the Internet.

 Prophecies and Fulfillment..........Take a scriptural journey which outlines some of the many prophecies that Jesus fulfilled with His life and ministry. This is a very detailed, yet enjoyable Bible study. It will build the faith of the believer as well as "prove" Jesus  to the part part part 3

"Mr. Right"........This true testimony explains how the Christian marriage needs to work and resist the way of the here to download this tract

"When You Expect Nothing You Get Nothing"
...........The Bible tells us that we as believers ought to expect God to help us, to stand in faith and not waiver. God has so much for us--unless we want to get nothing! here to download this tract

"A Graphical Representation of the Church"................Are you a member of the Church? Are you truly a part of Christ's Body? The answers may surprise here to download this tract

1. THE GOSPEL INCLUDES RELEASE.....In Luke 4:18-19, Jesus makes His mission statement. He says that He brings a Gospel--Good News, of salvation by faith in His name, healing and deliverance. He states He came to bring this ministry to the poor and those in need. But He also said that He came to bring "apostolic freedom". Do we know that the Gospel is not only salvation--healing and deliverance---but also the right to serve God freely--for ALL who believe? side side B

2. APOSTLES--APOSTLES--APOSTLES--APOSTLES...............Read the book of JOHN, CHAPTER 17. The word "apostello" is used 7 times. Jesus is saying here that He was an apostle, He had "sent" out apostles and operated His ministry by apostleship, and, He also says that the calling for us as believers today--is to be apostles--since this prayer of apostleship was not just to those people back then, but to "all those who believe on Jesus through the word of the apostles"---that's ALL of us!! side side B

3."THEM THAT HAVE THE RULE OVER YOU" .........According to the Bible, someone has the "hegeomai". The King James Bible translates this word as "have the rule over"--whether we know it or not, Jesus translated the very same word as servant, who does NOT exercise authority over others! side side B

4. THE BIBLE DOCTRINE OF "INSTANT MINISTRY"......The word of God teaches by doctrine and example that ministry is a gift given "unto every one of us". We see Saul, converted, baptized in the Spirit and immediately ministering. This lines up perfectly with the requirements for a person to be a "deacon"/minister--there is no time requirement for ministry--IT IS THE ANNOINTNG IN US side side B

5.FEEDING THE POOR WHICH ARE OUR BROTHERS.........WE have a concept of giving within the church that usually goes something like this: We all give our money to the leadership--and God leads them to use it for His purposes. Is this Biblically correct? The simple answer is no--at least if we look at the new testament. In the old testament, there was the need for a Levitcal priesthood--a group of specially chosen ministers--who operated in the temple--with the purpose of taking the tithes (the 1/10th Holy offering of Israel) and making sin offering to God for Israel's sin. The new covenant specifically annuls the Levitcal priesthood (see Hebrews ch 5-10)--and the need for this type of offering. So, how did the new covenant church give? The plain answer was that they gave to the poor within the church. The offering and collection of money was for "the saints" NOT for the leadership. It was Spirit-lead--not lead by the law of the tithe--and it was direc t to the needs of the poor within the church. In fact, Jesus says we will be judged on this specific point! side side B

6."PASTORAL AUTHORITY"--SOMETHING LIKE THIS??......... What is "pastoral authority"? Would you say that it is something like this: God has set some in the church who are in authority over the rest--and if you submit to their authority--it will benefit you? Jesus had a real problem with this idea in Luke 22: 25-29. Let the word of God challenge you---and change your side side B

WHAT IF.....INSTEAD OF.......This free booklet is a challenge to the church. It is a challenge to stop going to church and start BEING the church! The Bible gives us the example of apostleship. Do you have it in your church? Well what if---we lived out the Gospel--instead of just teaching it to ourselves? What if we visited the sick and homeless and fed the poor--instead of building a building which we use for our own purpose? What if ministry was a gift given to every one of us---a function--an anointing--that we all worked in unity together? What if we simply loved God, loved one another, AND loved our nieghbor--in equity--as true brothers and sisters in Christ? What if Instead  here to begin......

"Paul is Knocking at the Door of YOUR Church" Study the book of Acts chapter 9--carefully. In it we see Saul (Paul), the enemy of the church, on his way to Damascus. He meets Jesus--is struck blind--but at the church of Damascus, Paul is healed, baptized in the Holy Spirit--and "straightway preaches the Gospel"!! This booklet, available for free download in .pdf format is meant to challenge every church. ***click here to download it now***